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sainz ferrari last year f1 testing bahrain

Sainz: I am talking to everyone [for an F1 seat in 2025]

sainz ferrari last year f1 testing bahrain

In a very early round of Formula 1 Silly Season, Carlos Sainz was the odd man out when Ferrari announced that Lewis Hamilton would join the team in 2025, to partner Charles Leclerc, the Spaniard admitted he was stunned by the news and says “I am talking to everyone.”

Nevertheless, Sainz still has one target to be F1 World Champion, even in his last year at Maranello.

The F1 News of the Century means Sainz is out of a job at the end of this season. As of now he does not have any deal confirmed but is sure to be snapped up by a top F1 team if he does not already have a contract with Audi who enter the fray with Sauber in 2026. One could argue, the first prize for his immediate future would be a direct swap with Hamilton.

Wherever he ends up, this season Sainz is committed to the Ferrari cause: “My starting goal is the same as always: I aspire to be F1 World Champion. I think it will be very difficult. You just have to look at Red Bull, whose car is once again very strong or that’s what it seems at first glance.

“But I hope to win some races again. I will try to win for the third year in a row (in 2022 he won in Silverstone and 2023 in Marina Bay). And, of course, add podiums,” Sainz told Spanish reporters during a break in Bahrain F1 Testing.

Looking ahead to his immediate future, Sainz continued: “I think it’s very simple, my future is clear. I know that I won’t be at Ferrari in 2025. So everything is focused on 2024 and how to extract the maximum performance from this car this year.

“We’re going to push together to win as many races as possible and be as competitive as we can be this year. Obviously, I won’t focus on developing the car because I won’t be driving it next year and they won’t want to involve me in the future.

Sainz linked with several F1 teams including Audi, Mercedes etc

seidl sainz f1

“I don’t think the team will want me to figure out or develop a car that I’m not going to drive, but the positive is that I can focus on this year’s car and maximize it to my liking. I will focus on doing my best and the hope is things go well for us,” he said.

As for his 2025 F1 plans, Sainz revealed: “My name is linked not only to Audi or Mercedes but to all the teams because I am talking to everyone. I am weighing all my options to make the right decision with a view to my future.”

Hamilton to Ferrari surprised the entire F1 world when it was announced on 1 February, exploding the 2025 edition of the Silly Season into action which even astounded Sainz.

The 29-year-old Madridista admitted: “It was a tough blow because I didn’t expect it. I was pretty sure that I was going to renew my contract with Ferrari. And all the conversations until then have been positive, and we were pretty sure that we would be together.”

“But then everything changed very quickly, and my position completely changed. Now I’m in a completely different situation. I still feel like I’m in a good place. I can still choose where to go next and I put myself in a good position to be able to choose well.

Carlos: A good opportunity for Lewis moving to Ferrari


“I feel like it was a good opportunity for Lewis moving to Ferrari and a good opportunity for the team to get Hamilton. I know what I can contribute, and I am sure I will be strong in another team as well,” reckoned Sainz.

While Ferrari flaunted their pace on Day 2 of Bahrain F1 Testing, topping both sessions on Thursday. However, they were showboating with the softest compound Pirelli C4s bolted to the SF24 during its best lap time in the hands of Leclerc during the morning stint. Then Sainz going quickest in the afternoon.

Of course, Sainz is very wary of the Red Bull RB20: “We don’t know if we can win. We hope we can, and the SF24 will allow us to fight Red Bull in the race as well. They are very strong. It’s not something that surprises us either, they started maybe in April with this year’s car. They are the clear favourites.”

The Ferrari SF24 is likely to be the last F1 car he drives in an offcial capacity (although he is still young enough to return!) and probably his last F1 season wearning the legendary Red overalls. This last season is his fourth with the Italian team. He has previously driven for Toro Rosso, Renault and McLaren.