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horner bahrain f1 testing

Horner with Red Bull in Bahrain as F1 testing begins

horner bahrain f1 testing Horner with Red Bull in Bahrain as F1 testing begins

Team principal Christian Horner was with Red Bull as Formula 1 preseason testing began Wednesday even as he faces an ongoing investigation by the team’s parent company into an alleged claim of misconduct.

Horner was alongside the team’s chief technology officer, car designer Adrian Newey, as Max Verstappen drove the team’s new car at the start of Wednesday’s morning session. It is the start of the Dutch driver’s campaign for a fourth consecutive world title.

The Red Bull parent company said 5 February it was investigating allegations of misconduct toward a team employee. Horner denies any wrongdoing and has continued in his role as team principal during the investigation.

There are three days of preseason testing from Wednesday through Friday ahead of the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix at the same venue next week.

Red Bull got their season going in the best way possible: with their rivals chasing a very handy RB20 which set the benchmark during the first morning of F1 testing at Bahrain International Circuit. Max Verstappen topped the timing screens after the first four hours.

The triple F1 World Champion was seven-tenths of a second faster, in his #1 Red Bull than Charles Leclerc in the cockpit of the new Ferrari SF24.

Horner has denied the allegations, while reports suggest a massive rift between the RBR F1 team principal and Red Bull HQ in Austria. But for now, it remains as it was last week when the underfire 50-year-old stated: “Business as usual.”

The Briton is the longest-serving team principal, head of Red Bull from day one of the entry as an F1 Constructor back in 2005. Under Horner’s watch, the team has won 13 F1 titles and 113 victories.