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Highest Paying Quebec Lotteries

games-1363218_1280 lotteries lottery f1

Lotteries have always been popular in Canada, and the province of Quebec happens to have one of the longest lists of lottery games among all other provinces.

The lottery games available are very versatile and offer options for smaller and higher budgets alike. The difference is the rules and the prize pools, of course.

One of the interesting features of Quebec lotteries is that only a couple of them are also available across Canada. Other games are exclusive to Quebec and can only be accessed when being located in the province (you don’t have to be a resident though).

Some lotteries offered in Quebec can be played online on Loto Quebec’s official website. On the other hand, players can check out other online casino Quebec options if they are interested in other types of lottery or bingo.

This report is for the benefit of our Formula 1 readers and F1 fans who may be interested in Highest Paying Quebec Lotteries.

Lotto 6/49

This is one of the most popular and favorite lotteries available in the province, and actually all over Canada as well. The ticket costs only $3 and get two tickets. With one ticket, they have a chance of winning a $5 million jackpot minimum, as the prize pool continues to accumulate over time.

The other ticket gives them an option to win from a $1 million prize pool draw. In this case, the pool is distributed during each draw so this is a guaranteed win.

The draws happen every Wednesday and Saturday.

Daily Grand

This is a unique lottery that can bring an unusual win. Players who win a special prize will get $1,000 daily throughout their lifetime. The ticket costs $3 and the players have to select from 1 to 49. The odds are very humble but it seems that the potential outcome would be worth it.

The draws take place every Monday and Thursday.

Grande Vie

During each play, you can choose one selection of five main numbers and then one grand number. The draws reveal random results from the five main numbers from 1 to 49 and the grand number is selected from 1 to 7. The tickets are very affordable and only cost $3. The maximum prize in this lottery is $1 million.

Draws take place every Monday and Thursday.

Québec Max

There are three selections in each play. Each selection has to include seven numbers from one to 50 and and cost of the ticket is $2 per all three selections at once. During each draw, there is a main draw result that shows seven main numbers and one bonus number, and there is a second result that gives 14 extra selections of numbers for smaller wins. The biggest possible win in this game is $2 million.

Québec 49

The tickets for this lottery are even more affordable and cost only $1. They have one selection of six numbers from one to 49, and during every draw, the six main numbers and one bonus number will be drawn randomly. Only one prize per selection can be given away to the winner.

The draws happen on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Lotto Max

Each ticket suggests three sets of numbers for the player. Every set includes seven numbers, so a total of 21 numbers have to be picked per ticket. The cost is $5 per ticket but the potential results are worth it. The minimum jackpot size in this Quebec lottery is $10 million, but between the draws, the jackpot prize pool accumulates and can reach up to a jaw-dropping $60 million.

The draws are organized on Fridays.


Loto Quebec is the organization that officially manages, regulates, and supervises the gambling industry in the province. It shares its products with no other regions and cooperates with publishers and businesses in the niche.

The agency was introduced back in 1969 to regulate gambling and prevent illegal gambling activities. Due to being around for quite a while, it has managed to make Quebec one of the leading provinces in terms of the gambling industry, and today, only the innovative Ontario can truly compete.

Loto Quebec not only ensures that the laws are followed but pioneers the businesses to work in a socially responsible manner with the local communities benefitting from the whole industry in the first place. The agency itself states that eventually, 100% of profits go back to the province in the form of charity, investments, and infrastructure development.

Loto Quebec also protects customers’ rights and ensures that all players have a positive user experience when interacting with the niche.

How To Check Loto Québéc Lottery Tickets

While most Quebec lotteries are available mostly offline – or it is more accurate to say that locals got used to playing lotteries more offline than online – you can check the results of the draw in several ways.

Firstly, you can check out the agency’s official website and enter the control number of your ticket to see if it won anything. If you are a local you need to have a registered account on the website first.

You can also install an application on your smartphone to check the tickets. Scan the ticket with your camera and the app will let you know if the draw was positive for you.

If you are not local, don’t have an account on the Loto Quebec website, or just want to check the lottery results manually, check out the Loto Quebec website Past Draw Results Calendar (you can do so without an account).