perez 2024-002

NewsDesk Unplugged | What must Perez do in 2024 for Red Bull?

perez 2024-002

In this edition of NewsDesk Unplugged Paul Velasco and Jad Mallak discuss what Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has to do in 2024, to remain Max Verstappen’s teammate beyond this year in Formula 1.

Perez was roundly destroyed by Verstappen in 2023 but nevertheless did enough for RBR to have their drivers 1-2 in a Championship winning season.

But the gap between Perez and Verstappen grew, despite the Mexican’s two early wins in Jeddah and Baku, he simply was not in the contest for the title that went Max’s way after that.

Best summed up by Perez himself: “Obviously we started really strongly the year, then we had a bit of a rollercoaster mid-season. But we didn’t give up, we stuck together as a team, and I want to thank my whole team for supporting me.

“We went through very tough times, but we managed to secure the best season in the history of our team and we’ve learned from those difficult moments, [so] we will come back next year stronger,” promises the 34-year-old.

This F1 season has not even started, and Red Bull is in crisis as the World Champion team boss Christian Horner faces an internal investigation into his conduct, the last thing the team need is Perez needing ‘babycare’ and/or bending cars too often.

With a slew of handy and keen drivers in the queue waiting for Perez to drop the ball, what must he do to make them wait longer?

In this episode, GRANDPRIX247 editorial duo Jad & Paul have some ‘advice’ for Checo!

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