Massa, Interlagos, Finla race,

F1 Weekly: Massa on Senna, Alonso, Schumacher and 2008

Massa, Interlagos, Finla race,

Nasir Hameed of F1Weekly podcast fame was at the Rolex 24 at Daytona last month where he caught up with Ferrari favourite Felipe Massa, the pair reminisced about Ayrton Senna, Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, the 2008 Formula 1 season and more.

Felipe Massa brings bananas to the Benetton Chef. The Chef serves him spaghetti and pasta at Scuderia Ferrari.

In an interesting interview on F1Weekly podcast episode 1029, Felipe Massa discusses being snubbed by Senna as a young boy, delivering food to Benetton at Interlagos as a teenager, and his decision to fight for the 2008 world championship.

Massa, with his family and friends, was enjoying an evening meal at a Marina when they were informed Ayrton Senna was arriving by boat.

Armed with paper and pen Felipe and friends ran to get “autograph of my hero.” The Brazilian legend, who was accompanied by a lovely lady, left the boys disappointed without signing any autographs. Today, Massa puts down the experience to “I was not lucky.”

Massa: Bernie say they knew in 2008 about the crashgate

F1 Felipe Massa podium 2008 brazil interlagos

An interesting chapter of his young life was delivering food to the Formula 1 paddock at Interlagos. He requested his then manager, a restaurant owner, to arrange a pass for him for the weekend. The friend obliged but mentioned the pass is for weekdays only, and he will have to deliver food to the Benetton team.

Massa made the most of the opportunity and struck up a friendship with the chef, an Italian guy by the name of Felice. Massa told him, “I am racing in Brazil in Formula Chevrolet and one day you will see me in Formula 1.”

That day came when Massa made it to Formula 1 with Sauber team. He reconnected with Felice, who was by then chef at Ferrari and was still at Ferrari when Massa moved to Maranello.

Massa launched his crusade to capture the 2008 Formula 1 championship after hearing Bernie say they knew in 2008 about the crashgate but did not want to do anything about it to not destroy the name of Formula 1.

Massa also shares his views on two of his teammates at Ferrari; Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso.

At Daytona this year Massa was part of the #74 Riley Oreca LMP2 07-Gibson driver line-up alongside reigning Gar Robinson, fellow Brazilian Felipe Fraga, and Josh Burdon. They finished third in the LMP2 Class.

Nasir Hameed is the F1 Historical Correspondent of F1 Weekly Podcast.

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