2024 Formula 1: Meet the Aston Martin AMR24

2024 Formula 1: Meet the Aston Martin AMR24

2024 Formula 1: Meet the Aston Martin AMR24
Aston Martin unveiled their 2024 Formula 1 challenger, the AMR24, the first single seater produced at the team’s new factory in Silverstone.

The AMR24 succeeds the AMR23, a car that was well born last season and took the challenge to Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s RB19.

Sadly the Green Team’s challenge faded as the season progressed, so will the AMR24 do better that its predecessor?

The team said in the press release: “In its iconic racing green livery, complete with Aramco title partner branding, the AMR24 represents a strong and exciting evolution from its predecessor which catapulted the team to eight podiums and 280 points in 2023.

“The AMR24 evolves the same design philosophy but there is minor carryover with the majority of the parts being new for 2024. The continuous refinement of the AMR24 has resulted in a lighter, more aerodynamically efficient race car, designed to operate across a wider range of circuits,” Aston Martin added.

The team will compete in the 2024 F1 season with the same driver lineup, Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll.

Alonso: Excited to start my second season in green

Alonso has been one of the stars of the 2023 F1 season, delivering eight podiums for the team and still going as strong as ever at the age of 42.

The Spaniard said: “I am incredibly proud of this team and what has been achieved in such a short space of time. Not only the progress on the track, but the investment in all areas off-track at the AMRTC.

“I always enjoy this feeling at the start of a new campaign, with this season marking my 21st as a racing driver in Formula One.  The whole team has worked flat-out on getting the AMR24 ready for the new season, but there are so many questions to answer in testing and the first few races.

“I am excited to get in the cockpit and start my second season in green,” the double F1 Champion concluded.

Stroll: A real buzz around the AMRTC this winter

Stroll, who struggled to match Alonso’s performances in 2023, and also started the season still recovering from the hand injury he suffered after a cycling accident, will be looking to build up on the progress he showed towards the end of 2023.

Speaking at the launch he said: “There has been a real buzz around the AMRTC this winter. We’re still a young team, but we’re growing up fast.

“There’s that hunger and belief when you walk around the campus – a credit to all of the amazing people working here. We all want to push on from what we achieved last year, especially in the final part of the season when we made some strong progress – learning more about the car.

“I think that sets us up nicely for the new season and I can’t wait to get going,” the Canadian concluded.

Mike Krack continues as team principal of Aston Martin and weighed in on the new car and the process that delivered it.

Krack: The AMR24 result of a huge effort by the whole team

“We are proud to debut the AMR24,” Krack said. “It is the result of a huge effort by the whole team at our new AMR Technology Campus and it will allow the team to take another step forward in 2024.

“Since the last race in 2023, everyone has been hyper-focused on improvements in every area, concentrating our efforts on what really makes a difference, what really matters to be better.

“Almost every area of the car has been refined and improved, building on our strengths, and taking on board the lessons of the previous campaign.

“2023 was our best season to date and our goal this season is to score regular points, podiums, and fight for our first win in green,” Krack concluded.

Dan Fallows, Technical Director shed some light on the design and production of the AMR24, he added: “Even with the stable regulations, there are endless possibilities for refinement.

Fallows: The AMR24 a strong evolution of the AMR23

“I would call the AMR24 a strong evolution of last year’s car and it does look quite different with many new parts to give us a strong platform for development.

The chassis design is new, as well as the nose, front wing, front suspension and rear suspension.  We want to compete in the development race this season and this car is designed to do just that.

“Another area of focus has been to broaden the car’s operating window. We have focused on more versatility for a wider range of specific circuit characteristics.

“We want a race car that is more of an all-rounder. We believe the AMR24 provides the ideal platform for in-season development and a sustained season-long challenge,” Fallows concluded.

Some technical details of the AMR24

The team added some details about the new car: “The front wing design has been altered to help manage front wheel wake in a more efficient manner. Combined with the over-wheel winglets, the aim is to control the wake from the front tyres and direct it away from the rest of the car to allow the other downforce-producing surfaces to work more efficiently.

“The current era of F1 regulations have placed huge emphasis on the floor and sidepod design. On the AMR24, an overhaul of the sidepods and bodywork has been undertaken to improve airflow management around the floor and over the rear wing. ”

Fallows pointed out: “The floor is the biggest area of downforce generation on an F1 car and it’s constantly being evolved. Getting it right will be of paramount importance to our success in 2024.”

The statement added: “The AMR24 will utilise a push-rod suspension layout both front and rear. This sees the wheel assembly joined to the chassis by a diagonal structure, with a higher point on the car’s body.

“The front suspension has been changed to improve performance in conjunction with the front wing and floor while the rear suspension has been optimised to maximise efficiency of air flow around the rear wing, accommodating Mercedes’ latest power unit and gearbox. ”

Fallows explained: “Work has been done on both ends of the car’s suspension. The front will work more efficiently alongside the front wing, and aero work has been done at the rear to optimise our layout in that area.”

After a strong start, Aston Martin finished the 2023 F1 season fifth in the Constructors’ Standings.

A Performance Trilogy

At the same time and along with the launch of the AMR24, Aston Martin revealed two road car Aston Martins, the new Vantage and the Vantage GT3 race car.

Aston Martin said: “In addition to the AMR24, Aston Martin has also launched two new models – engineered for real drivers.

“The new Vantage is the latest in an iconic bloodline – the quintessential Aston Martin sports car and the most driver focused and fastest Vantage in the famous nameplate’s 74-year history. It is an authentic, unadulterated celebration of pure performance, engineered to deliver maximum thrills with maximum confidence.

“Timed to coincide with the debut of the new Vantage road car, the spectacular new Vantage GT3 race car mirrors the latest showroom model’s intensified performance, sharpened dynamics and eye-catching style, translating those qualities into a formidable new GT racer and starting the next chapter in Aston Martin’s illustrious motorsport history,” the team concluded.