Haas: Better take people you know, even if they're not a perfect fit

Haas: Better take people you know, even if they’re not a perfect fit

Haas: Better take people you know, even if they're not a perfect fit

Gene Haas explained his decision to appoint Ayao Komatsu as Team Principal from within his Formula 1 team, insisting he prefers people he knows.

Haas was speaking in the aftermath of firing long-serving Haas F1 Team boss Guenther Steiner replacing him from within the organization by Komatsu.

Speaking to Formula 1’s Official Website, the American claimed he applied a management philosophy which he practices in his automation business, something that has worked well for him.

He said: “I’ve been running Haas Automation for over 40 years now. Bringing people in from the outside, it takes them time to learn, six months to a year, and a lot of time you don’t even like them.

“It’s better to take people you know, and even if they are not the perfect fit, at least you know what you’re going to get,” he added.

“That’s really worked out pretty well for us here at Haas Automation, so I’m really applying a lot of the building blocks that were here to the Formula 1 team,” Haas added.

“I really like to have people that I know, who understand the day-to-day operations, understand the people, [rather] than bringing in a stranger who is going to stir everything up and create a mess.”

Haas has said a lot since Steiner’s departure announcement, revealing he won’t be settling for finishing tenth, he plans to stick with Ferrari as well as his optimism with the engineering approach Komatsu will be applying as boss.

“I think we’ve actually got a great formula here,” he claimed. “We have Ferrari engines which probably have more power than anybody right now.

“We have Ferrari hardware [as per the permitted listed parts within the regulations], we have a good chassis. I talk to a lot of the engineers and I think our biggest failing is aero; our aero programme needs work.

“When you’re at the track and you’re humiliated every weekend, I’m going to stop taking that one anymore,” Haas concluded.

In addition to Steiner, Simone Resta also left his role with Haas as Technical Director. He was on loan from Ferrari and was in charge of the aero development of the Haas F1 cars, while the chassis come from Dallara.

Big Question: Will the changes at Haas pay off?