The Masters Tour F1 historic

The Masters Tour: New era for historic F1, sportscars & GT racing

The Masters Tour F1 historic

Readers of this site will see more reports and coverage of The Masters Tour, bringing to motorsport fans international racing events for historic Formula 1 cars, vintage Sports Cars to 60s Touring cars and GT cars, through to the more modern Masters Endurance Legends and Masters GT Trophy cars.

Why the increased coverage? While modern F1 is booming with new fans, naturally the noob die-hards will want to delve into the history of the sport and what better way is there than to go back to the past and watch iconic race cars of the 20th century in action.

Now the historic sector has received a major boost as Fred Fatien of GP Extreme join ranks with Masters founder Ron Maydon who has secured a new future for his brainchild that ensures the passion and ethos of the company he started in 2004 will be honoured after he prepares to step back from day-to-day duties.


In a press release it was announced: Masters Historic Racing will continue to operate with its regular organisational team for at least the 2024 race season, ensuring a smooth transition. GP Extreme will welcome the Masters Historic Racing team to their burgeoning fleet of motorsport activities, which includes the Dubai Historic Grand Prix.

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This dynamic new motorsport entity will seek to continue the work of Masters’ founder Ron Maydon and embrace a passion for historic motorsport into the next chapter of Masters Historic Racing.

Maydon said of the partnership: “At Masters, we have spent the past twenty years building our own style of historic racing and a powerful brand name that is recognised internationally. I am so very proud of what our small, wonderful team at Masters has achieved from our humble beginnings with one historic Formula 1 grid back in 2004 to being recognised worldwide wherever historic racing takes place

“However, I must recognise I will shortly be 73 years old. I have a wonderful wife who has supported me in every aspect of Masters, a fantastic home, five amazing children and currently 13 grandchildren! It’s time that I saw more of them all, along with all the great motor racing friends I have made around the world.

“It felt like the right time to find someone to take Masters onto its next phase. I will truly enjoy watching Fred, and his team at GP Extreme, embrace the ethos of Masters and implement the great enthusiasm and ideas he has for the future. Rest assured, Rachel, the current wonderful Masters Team, and myself will be here throughout the 2024 season, working to ensure Masters successful future ahead.”

Fatien: At GP Extreme we take immense pride in inheriting this legacy

Fatien: At GP Extreme we take immense pride in inheriting this legacy created by maydon

Founder of GP Extreme Frédéric Fatien, added: “Inspired by the pursuit of victory, GP Extreme is now embarking on a new journey as we temporarily set aside the GT3 team to devote all our efforts into historic racing. With a longstanding relationship between Ron and I, the visionary behind Masters Historic Racing, having enjoyed racing together throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Central America, I’m thrilled to begin this exciting journey.

“Our dedication will be reflected in maintaining the current team and our ambition to develop further exciting projects within the 2024 calendar to honour the Masters legacy and ethos. Historic racing has always been magical for me, from iconic circuits to bringing a museum to the track, but also through the fervour of races, the drivers’ personalities, the roaring engines, the smell of oil, the beauty of the cars, and the devoted atmosphere.

“That passion led me to breathe life into the Dubai Gulf Historic, a venture I believe instilled confidence in Ron in our world of historic motor racing. We undeniably share the same passion, ethics, and motto with Masters to drive this Middle Eastern event to other continents.

“At GP Extreme, we take immense pride in inheriting this legacy, committing to upholding its esteemed reputation — a culmination of 275 events across 17 countries since its inception in 2004, with an annual community of 750 enthusiastic members.

“Our shared values of great camaraderie, a fun and relaxed environment, and a passionate community will drive us forward on this new exhilarating historic racing adventure, concluded Fatien.