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Vasseur: Even Red Bull supportive of Wolff in FIA saga

wolff horner

Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur found one positive in the recent FIA/Wolff saga, which was the unity of all ten Formula 1 teams, even Red Bull supporting the Mercedes boss.

The FIA announced earlier in December that they were investigating claims regarding potential conflict of interest between an F1 team boss and FOM employee, which were identified by the media as Mercedes boss Toto Wolff and wife and director of F1 Academy Susie.

The FIA’s statement drew furious response from the Wolffs, while all ten F1 teams denied being the whistleblower, while the FIA closed the investigation within 48 hours claiming the claims were unfounded.

Vasseur commented on the whole saga, speaking to, he said: “I think this story is quite embarrassing for our sport.

“The story started with an article in a newspaper, I don’t know if newspaper is the right word. And I think in this situation when you are speaking about an individual, you have to take care of what you are saying.

“I think it would have been appropriate from the FIA; they needed 24 hours between the [first] announcement and the second announcement.

“It would have made sense to use the 24 hours before the first announcement [to investigate], to avoid any bad conclusions,” the Frenchman reckoned.

However, Vasseur found the silver lining in the whole situation, as even Red Bull stood by their antagonist, Wolff, while in normal times, Christian Horner would not let the chance to take a swipe at the Austrian pass.

He said: “After the ‘incident’ of last week at least the teams were very united. The first conclusion for me is that we were able to act together.

“It’s not very often that even Red Bull was supportive of Toto!” Vasseur joked.

“And honestly, I think it’s a good point for us also to take position and to discuss with the other stakeholders. I think it’s the first time the teams together showed something like this,” the Ferrari boss concluded.