Hamilton: Team incredibly grateful to have got second in Constructors'

Hamilton: Team incredibly grateful to have got second in Constructors’

Hamilton: Team incredibly grateful to have got second in Constructors'

Lewis Hamilton revealed his Mercedes team are grateful after finishing the 2023 Formula 1 season second in the Constructors’ Championship.

Hamilton attended the FIA award giving gala in held in Baku last Friday to collect his trophy for finishing third in the 2023 F1 Drivers Championship, where Mercedes were also set to receive their second place trophy for the Constructors’ Championship.

The eight-time Constructors’ Champions fended off a Ferrari attack in the season finale, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with George Russell finishing third, Hamilton finishing ninth, compared to second for Charles Leclerc and 18th for Carlos Sainz.

Speaking to the media at the gala, Hamilton was asked about the mood within Mercedes, he said: “The mood is very positive.

“I think, the team, all the members in the team are incredibly grateful to have got second in the constructors’, given the challenges that we faced this season.

“It’s always quite emotional, and I’ve been with the team for such a long time, but every time you go back to Brixworth and to Brackley, and you see and you’re reminded of just how big a team is pushing you forward, he added.

“You see every individual, some people that are that are new to the team, that have joined whilst I’ve been here, and some that have been here way before, and also some that I’ve worked on my engine since my first Grand Prix in Formula 1.

“It’s amazing to see just the progress and the growth and also our team is becoming more and more diverse, which has been really like pleasing for me to see that we are moving in the right direction,” the Briton maintained.

Hard to judge the 2024 Mercedes from now

Mercedes are talking big about their chances in 2024, with the W15 expected to be a major departure from its predecessor the W14 in terms of design philosophy.

Asked if he likes what he has seen so far regarding his 2024 ride, Hamilton said: “I think it’s always difficult to [judge]. I mean, I’m not an engineer, or designer.

“You see the car and it’s exciting. It’s always an exciting time of the year because I have seen the car in the wind tunnel, I always go by the wind tunnel when I go to the factory and, to see it evolving in whichever direction it ends up going.

“Literally, when I was leaving yesterday, I again, I popped in just to see where we were and and when I come back, it will be again a different animal.

“But I have full faith in that and everyone that’s working on it. And hopefully that will be in a much more competitive position next year,” the seven-time F1 Championship concluded.

(Reporting by Agnes Carlier, Writing by Jad Mallak)