Vasseur: I don’t know if it will be better next year

Vasseur: I don’t know if it will be better next year

Vasseur: I don’t know if it will be better next year

Frederic Vasseur, Ferrari’s Team Principal, is not making any promises for the 2024 Formula 1 season, insisting he doesn’t know if the Scuderia will be better next year.

While Ferrari started off well in 2022 before fading away, their start of their 2023 F1 campaign wasn’t what they were hoping for, as Vasseur inherited a team in disarray from Mattia Binotto along with a lame horse rather than a prancing one in the form of the SF-23.

And while Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is promising big stuff from his team, as big as a 2.5s leap in performance from the upcoming W15, Vasseur is following a more cautious path.

Asked after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix whether Ferrari can improve in 2024, the Frenchman said: “I don’t know if it will be better next year, nobody knows.

“But you know what you are doing in your business and it is always a matter of comparison that you can make one second up and the others are doing 1.5s, then you look stupid, but if they do five-tenths then you look like a hero.

“At the end of the day it is a comparison and we are just focused on ourselves and trying to do the best ourselves,” Vasseur insisted. “I don’t want to be too optimistic but it was probably one of the issues we had last season.

“We just have to be focused on what we are doing and not to think about the outcome of the championship before it is won or to look at the prize giving ceremony before Bahrain,” he concluded.

Ferrari finished the 2023 F1 Constructors’ Standings third behind Mercedes who were runner up, but the Scuderia were the only team to win a race aside from Red Bull, as Carlos Sainz triumphed in Singapore, after a weekend of rare underperformance from Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

Big Question: Do you think Ferrari will be better in 2024?

(Reporting by Agnes Carlier, Writing by Jad Mallak)

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