Brundle: I don't believe I've witnessed such close racing

Brundle: I don’t believe I’ve witnessed such close racing

Brundle: I don't believe I've witnessed such close racing

Martin Brundle responded to those claiming the concluded Formula 1 season was boring claiming he has never witnessed such close racing as what he’s seen in 2023.

With Max Verstappen winning 19 races in 2023, Sergio Perez winning two more and only Carlos Sainz braking Red Bull’s stranglehold on the Championship by winning in Singapore, many have been turned off by that streak of dominance claiming it has become boring.

In his post-Abu Dhabi Grand Prix column on Sky Sports F1, Brundle insisted he was happy to have seen Verstappen’s achievements.

He wrote: “Max has had the best team and car this season, but so too has Sergio Perez, and they’ve been up against several mighty teams and world-class drivers. Max has simply thrashed everybody.

“He emerged victorious through rain and shine, safety cars and red flags, along with general chaos and a few skirmishes. And the team ably supported his talent with predominantly bullet-proof reliability and great strategies and pit stops.

“I’m very pleased I witnessed it,” the former F1 driver turned respected pundit maintained.

We didn’t have a tail-end in 2023

And while many expressed dismay with how things turned out this season in F1, the outcome of every race weekend known before hand, Brundle insisted the situation was totally the opposite, insisting there has been close racing all over the field.

He said: “I meet fans and read the feisty comments people like to amplify on X, saying what a boring season it was, presumably because one combination dominated.

“From my perspective I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed such a level of close racing, overtakes, and jeopardy through the entire field, which further closed as the season progressed.

“We saw it many times in qualifying if the established front runners and big guns weren’t fulfilling their potential and delivering the lap times, pretty much any driver on the grid could out-qualify and even out-race them in their midfield cars. We didn’t have a tail-end this year,” the Briton explained.

As a reminder, Verstappen sealed his third F1 Drivers’ Crown after the Sprint Race of the Qatar Grand Prix weekend. He scored a whopping 575 points, 290 more that second-placed and teammate Sergio Perez.

Red Bull secured their sixth Constructors’ Title over the Japanese Grand Prix weekend and due to the 860 points they scored will have to pay a whopping and record $10.6-Million entrance fee ahead of the 2024 F1 season.

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