2023 red bull rb19b

Outside Line: Red Bull don’t need a RB20 for the 2024 F1 season

2023 red bull rb19b

Red Bull do not need a brand new car for the 2024 Formula 1 season, they can simply morph the almighty RB19 to RB19B, close the factories, and send all staff on a two-month holiday before they return for next year’s campaign.

F1’s greatest race car – the Red Bull RB19 – coupled to the ultra-capable Max Verstappen became the most dominant combination the sport has ever witnessed. While Sergio Perez was no match for his teammate in the sister car, he did enough to secure the team’s first one-two in the F1 Drivers’ Championship. Thanks to the RB19.

With that in mind, I figured, if I were Red Bull team principal Christian Horner (thankfully for them at RBR I don’t run his team;-) )this is the letter I would pen to my team today:

Dear Red Bull Racing Team [all 1,000 or so of you, Max and Checo included]

First, I must commend you all for the greatest season by an F1 team ever. For the record our Red Bull RB19, in 2023 we won 21 out of 22 GPs, and took pole position 14 times, with Checo and Max notching up 30 out of a possible 42 podiums.

We won the opening 14 Grands Prix, 10 in a row for our #1 car, the 2023 F1 WCC was ours by Round 16 of 22. Max was anointed Champ for a third time when he did the business in the Sprint Race, in Qatar, five Rounds before the season ended but, by Canada, media had already bestowed our Main Man the Title.

Also not to be forgotten are our amazing pit stops by our crews, incredible strategy by our engineers on the pit wall and everyone in the backrooms adding to our push. It was a five-star team performance on all levels that set the benchmark higher than ever, not only for our rivals but for us as well.

There can be no way but forward as we hammer home our advantage like we did 21 times this season, while Mercedes and Ferrari chase. Little do they know how much we have in hand within our RB19 concept, with Max in full flight!

Our Red Bull team left our F1 rivals confused, bemused and chasing

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Concerning our F1 rivals, in sporting terms, we demolished them all. The embarrassment inflicted on my counterparts has provided me with a bagful of cruel sound bites to deliver over the winter, while they ponder a way out of their incompetence and how they will build an F1 car that will come close to our RB19. And then understand how to evolve it during the course of last season, as we did.

So, with that in mind. I am happy to announce that RBR management have decided to grant you from today until, 1 February 2024 a well-earned vacation. Closing the factories for two months will save us a ton of money, while giving us the upper hand for next year’s even longer season.

Which is good and bad. The latter because it means extra work for us all in 2024, good because it provides us as a team more races for us to win.

A housekeeping note before departing this afternoon for our victory celebration party and then the two-month break, could we cover both RB19s as well as all your desks, as dust can accumulate over the next two months.

The final and most important word to Adrian [Newey] and our design team who set the foundation for the success by interpreting a complex set of F1 rules in a manner that has shamed the other nine teams and their technical gurus. Our ‘Clever Guys’ were on another planet all year.

We cruised to victory in Abu Dhabi and they ain’t seen nothing yet!

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And so was Max. Thanks to that we have an enormous gulf over our F1 rivals. We won the final in Abu Dhabi with Max 18 seconds ahead of Charles [Leclerc] when the flag waved. And he was cruising for most of the time.

Thus, for a change, we can afford to rest on our laurels as the others play catch-up. They seem to be clueless on how they got performance in the first place [Aston Martin] or made a massive mistake with their concept, made a U-Turn but are still lost [Mercedes] or they chase and chase to no avail [McLaren] or they are simply Ferrari.

As for our car, no need for an RB20 in 2024. When we return to work next year, we’ll pull back the covers, add new sponsor stickers, and then add a ‘B’ to the RB19 moniker. Much like we did with the beautiful, RB16B which Toto [chuckle] can’t forget after all these years.

Hence before signing off to end this great season, I am happy to announce that for 2024 we will enter an unchanged Red Bull for our campaign, and it will be called: RB19B.

To our Red Bull family, enjoy the holidays and festive season at home with your loved ones! See you Thursday, Feb first.

Lotsa love and be safe,

Christian Horner
Red Bull F1 Team Principal, Milton Keynes, UK

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