GM are welcome into F1 but not Andretti

GM are welcome into F1 but not Andretti

GM are welcome into F1 but not Andretti

Formula 1 team bosses have put out a welcome mat for General Motors as a future engine manufacturer while remaining reluctant to open the door to Andretti as an 11th entry.

The U.S. carmaker said on Tuesday it had formally registered with the governing FIA to provide power units for a proposed Andretti Cadillac team from 2028.

The FIA last month approved an expression of interest from Andretti to become the 11th team but Formula One’s commercial rights holder Liberty Media is still considering the application.


Williams team boss James Vowles told reporters at the Las Vegas Grand Prix that GM was “a good company to bring into our sport” and one that would help grow it, and added: “But my view hasn’t changed on the addition of an 11th team.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said GM was a big player but while they had made a “good commitment” the reservations remained.

“We need to see whether the Commercial Rights Holder deems this to be a good entry or not,” he said of the Andretti bid. “For many teams it is big dilution that can make the difference between, you know, big losses or less losses.

Wolff: I haven’t changed my opinion

Wolff: Good to see a penalty, whether too low or too high

“I haven’t changed my opinion on that. We haven’t seen any data, just to say it’s going be awesome. Where’s the case? What are the numbers? How much can we gain in popularity? What’s the name worth? How much more can the sport be attractive? What are the facts?

“If those facts are positive, I have no doubt that F1 will consider that in that way,” the Austrian added.

Most of the existing teams are opposed to an 11th diluting their share of the profits, but have no ultimate say in the decision.

They argue that a $200-Million compensation payment to be shared among them is not enough, given that some teams are valued at more than $1 billion.

“If the question is on GM, I think every single new engine supplier is welcome in F1. But it’s not the same story as the 11th team,” said Ferrari’s Fred Vasseur. “It´s two separate questions.”

McLaren boss Zak Brown, whose team are GM’s partners in IndyCar racing, said the manufacturer had a great history in motor racing.

“The more power units in the sport, I think, the better,” said the American. (Reporting by Alan Baldwin)