Red, Yellow, and Blue banned from Las Vegas' Sphere

Red, Yellow, and Blue banned from Las Vegas’ Sphere

Red, Yellow, and Blue banned from Las Vegas' Sphere

The Sphere has been banned from displaying three colors during this week’s on-track activities for the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The 366-foot tall venue can be prominently seen around the 3.8-mile circuit and Formula 1, along with the FIA, have banned red, yellow and blue from being displayed when cars are on the track.

All sessions are taking place at night, and the ban is to prevent drivers from confusing the Sphere’s colors with trackside LED panels that convey important information. The Grand Prix takes place Saturday night.

F1 has rented the Sphere this week for promotions and advertising purposes. The venue opened September 29 and has quickly become a landmark in the iconic Las Vegas skyline.

The outside is called the Exosphere and features 580,000 square feet of fully programmable LED, creating a canvas for 256 million different colors that can be seen from space.

“It’s either going to be really cool or really annoying,” Williams American driver Logan Sargeant told reporters this week of the Sphere’s presence.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. It’s really bright. I think it depends on what they would put on it,” the F1 rookies added.

“If it’s something extremely bright, then maybe it’d be a bit too much. But if it’s something a bit more subtle, I think that would be fine,” Sargeant concluded. (Reuters)