sao paulo f1 sprint shootout crash ocon alonso-001

Ocon: F@cking idiot Fernando

sao paulo f1 sprint shootout crash ocon alonso-001 Ocon: Fernando, idiot

Esteban Ocon blames Fernando Alonso when they collided during the 2023 Sao Paulo Grand Prix Formula 1 Sprint Shootout late in the first stanza of the session.

The Alpine came across the Aston Martin, heading up the hill in the final sector of the lap of Interlagos. Alonso went wide as Ocon seemed to lose control briefly, drifted too wide and clipped the front left of the Green car which speared the Blue one into the wall.

It was a strange one which prompted Ocon to declare over the radio: “F@cking idiot, Fernando.” This is sure to further bitter the acid relationship between the pair, and the French team who smarted when their former F1 World Champion defected to Aston Martin, without warning late last year.


There’s no love lost between the pair, but it’s hard to place blame on the veteran Spaniard. If anything it was avoidable had Ocon kept to the proper line through that final left-hand sweep he would have been fine, but he was drifting far too wide.

If blame must be given, it is weighted towards Ocon who appears to lose the car for a split second before making contact. While it can argued Alonso could have given more space had he known the Alpine was close. Fair to call it an avoidable racing incident.

Alonso: Wrong place, wrong moment

Alonso: Wrong place, wrong moment sao paulo f1 sprint shootout crash alonso

After reporting from the cockpit that he was fine, and berating Alonso, the Frenchman remained adamant “Alonso didn’t leave enough space,” Ocon told Sky F1 following his trip to the Interlagos track medical centre for a post-crash mandatory check-up.

Former F1 driver turned Sky F1 pundit, Martin Brundle’s take on the shunt summed up what most others saw: “Ocon had big oversteer. The incident came about because he was having to recover his car.

“For me probably 75% Esteban didn’t have full control of his car, to say the least, and I think the incident was compounded by Fernando accelerating quite late to get out of the way,” added Brundle.

Meanwhile, Alonso limped the broken AMR23 back to the pits reporting substantial damage. But despite his early exit, he was still good enough for P12 in the time-screens, but unable to run in S2, the veteran was pragmatic when reviewing the incident: “Unfortunately, we could not complete qualifying.

“It’s a shame both cars out of qualifying now, and a lot damage in both cars I guess. So not the way we wanted. I haven’t seen the replay yet, but someone told me he lost the car apparently a little bit. One of those situations. Wrong place, wrong moment,” lamented the Spaniard.

At the sharp end of the Sprint Shootout today in Brazil, McLaren driver Lando Norris pipped the Red Bulls of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez to the top spot on the grid for the 24-lap Sprint Race later today.

Finally, spare a thought for Aston Marin and Alpie mechanics in their race against time to get their drivers on the grid for the Sprint Race later today.