Norris: My 2023 F1 race win opportunity has passed


Despite hard-edge and daring racing to cut through competition at the United States Grand Prix, McLaren’s Lando Norris believes he lost his best chance to win a Grand Prix this season.

While racing fans and hardcore McLaren supporters can write a laundry list of their struggles, the low-speed corners, have been a persistent issue for them throughout the season.

Norris, a 23-year-old racing phenom of British and Belgian heritage, and part of McLaren since 2018, has found success in the auto circuit by winning the Toyota Racing Series, and Britain’s MSA Formula Championship. His speedy and aggressive driving led him to capture his first podium at the 2020 Austrian Grand Prix.


However, Norris acknowledges that McLaren’s best chances of securing a race win in 2023 have likely passed, especially on tracks with characteristics similar to those where they struggle, such as the slow-speed corners seen in Austin’s Turn 11.

McLaren fans had such high hopes for Norris to win a championship this F1 and flooded to sports betting sites like Caesars Sportsbook to pledge their support.

According to team principal Andrea Stella, the problematic low-speed corners, like Turn 11 in Austin, continue to pose challenges for McLaren. Despite ongoing development efforts, these issues cannot be fully resolved in the current season and will have to wait until the 2024 car.

Norris remains hopeful about achieving good results and fighting for podiums, but he acknowledges the fierce competition and the limitations of McLaren’s current car in certain track conditions.

The remaining races in Mexico, Brazil, Las Vegas, and Abu Dhabi present different challenges, and Norris anticipates difficulties, especially on tracks with slow-speed corners like Brazil.

It’s a candid assessment from Norris and the McLaren team, highlighting the complexities of F1 competition and the ongoing efforts required to address specific weaknesses in car performance.

But despite the disappointing setback, Norris’ courageous driving has sparked Andrea Stella to compare Norris to other gutsy and memorable racing performances like Fernando Alonso in 2012.