Alonso: You learn more difficulties than from celebrations

Alonso: You learn more from difficulties than from celebrations

Alonso: You learn more difficulties than from celebrations

Fernando Alonso was philosophical after retiring from the 2023 Mexico City Grand Prix last Sunday, his second retirement in a row with Aston Martin hitting another low.

It was the second race for Aston Martin since they brought their latest upgrade package, and while they couldn’t optimize it in Austin with limited practice time (Sprint format), the situation was not better in Mexico City last weekend.

Alonso qualified 13th, and raced uncompetitively for the whole race on Sunday, that is before Aston Martin decided to retire his car due to damage from debris.


But even so, it was clear from the whole weekend that the AMR23 was a handful, and with one of the most adaptable drivers on the grid – Alonso – unable to keep it under control, that spoke volumes of the car’s current form.

“We felt immediately something wrong in the car,” Alonso told reporters after the race. “We were quite slow, we let Lance go as well at the beginning just to hope for a better result for the team. But we were slow in general in the race.

“Not only in the race, I think the whole weekend has been a little bit difficult for us,” he added. “Sometimes you learn more things from the difficulties than from the celebrations, so hopefully it’s one of those times.”

A good season for Aston Martin despite recent struggles

“Obviously, we would love to keep fighting for podiums, but we are not in that position unfortunately,” the Spaniard responded when asked if frustration is creeping in.

“But no, it’s not frustration yet, this year has been an incredible season for us. So, even if we DNF the remaining races, 2023 is still a good season, but hopefully we can revert this situation and we can finish on a high,” he insisted.

Later in Aston Martin’s race report, Alonso added: “It seems we picked up some damage from debris on Lap 1 after the Turn One incidents and we seemed to lose performance.

“We tried to fix this during the red flag, but it got worse after the restart and so we had to eventually retire the car,” he revealed.

“It’s not been an easy triple header so far. We have three more races left of this season at very different tracks, so we will go again in Brazil,” the double Formula 1 Champion concluded.

Alonso is now fifth in the 2023 F1 Drivers’ Championship, level on 183 points with compatriot Carlos Sainz who is classified as  fourth since he has a win to his name from the Singapore Grand Prix.