Allison: Everybody at Mercedes upset, embarrassed to a degree

Allison: Everybody at Mercedes upset, embarrassed to a degree

Allison: Everybody at Mercedes upset, embarrassed to a degree

Mercedes expect their updated car to perform strongly in the remaining four races of the Formula 1 season despite the blow of having Lewis Hamilton disqualified from second place at the United States Grand Prix on Sunday.

Technical director James Allison said in a post-Austin debrief on Wednesday that he was confident there would be no repeat of the excessive skid block wear that led to the exclusion: “Of course, the disqualification is a significant blow. It’s a miserable feeling. It hurts and everybody here feels it.

“Everybody is upset, embarrassed to a degree as well because we absolutely don’t like being on the wrong side of the rules and just lamenting the lost points,” said Allison.

But he added that feeling would soon be replaced by “a sunny optimism of knowing that the car looked bright on this upgrade package and we’ve got four more races to show what we can do with it”.

Mexico this weekend, with a high-altitude track and thin air, should be “pretty decent”, he added. “The corners suit us, and the pace of the car should be good.”

Russell won his first Grand Prix in Sao Paulo last year

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Mercedes won in Brazil last year with George Russell and that should be a race where “all the things we just put on the car should pay good dividends”.

Las Vegas, the penultimate race of the season and a novelty for the 2023 F1 season with a night race in the cold desert air, will be a new challenge.

The season then ends in Abu Dhabi where Allison again expected a positive showing: “All four races differ in character… we’ll keep our fingers crossed that in one of those four the dice might roll in our favour and we’ll achieve more than just a podium.”

Allison said Austin, despite the skid plate problem, had actually been a “cast-iron vote of confidence in favour of what we put on the car” and added: “The disqualification had everything to do with the setup and the bumpiness of the track, amplified by the fact that it was a sprint weekend.

“We just simply didn’t take enough margin at the end of free practice one. When we had done our setup we checked the plank and everything all looked fine, untouched after the FP1 running.

“But the results of the race speak for themselves. We were illegal so clearly we should have had our car set a little bit higher up to give ourselves a little bit more margin,” Allison explained.

Last but not least, Mercedes tweeted today that Hamilton’s much-loved Roscoe (pictured in the top photo) turned 11 on 24 October. He too seemed upset! (Reporting by Alan Baldwin; Additional Reporting by GP247)