Hamilton: We're bringing upgrades, Red Bull just chilling

Hamilton: We’re bringing upgrades, Red Bull just chilling

Hamilton: We're bringing upgrades, Red Bull just chilling

Lewis Hamilton admitted it is very difficult to beat Max Verstappen and Red Bull even though they are no longer upgrading their car, while Mercedes are.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull wrapped up both Formula 1 Titles this year before coming to the 2023 United States Grand Prix in Austin last weekend, while their dominant RB19 has not been featuring any upgrades.

Mercedes on the other hand have been pushing on with the development of their W14 with the hope of gaining more understanding with their eyes set on having a decent W15 in 2024.

So in Austin, the Mercedes W14 had a new floor bolted to it, and it was clear from the word go that Hamilton was quite happy with his upgraded ride featuring in the sharp end of the proceedings throughout the weekend.

The seven-time F1 Champion was third fastest both in qualifying and the Sprint shootout. He finished the Sprint race second, and while he was also second in the grand prix on Sunday, the FIA stewards disqualified him after they found excessive wear on his W14’s under-floor planks.

On the other hand, Verstappen wasn’t in his usual dominant form we have got used to this season, missing out on pole in qualifying after exceeding track limits, and while he took pole for the Sprint race, it was not an easy task as Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Hamilton pushed him hard all through the session.

Verstappen still winning impressive

Verstappen won the Sprint with ease, over nine seconds clear of Hamilton, but did not have the same advantage in the grand prix given that he started from sixth and suffered from brake issues.

Hamilton and Mercedes did their best to win the grand prix and got close – disqualification aside – maybe needing a couple more laps to launch a proper attack on Verstappen, but the Dutchman wouldn’t be denied his 50th F1 win.

“He [Verstappen] started sixth and was out in front, so ultimately I think they were quicker,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1 after the race in Austin on Sunday.

“He stopped before everybody as well and was still punching in good times at the end. So they still are ahead and will be very, very difficult to beat – and they’re not developing right now, either,” the Briton pointed out.

“We are bringing upgrades and they are just chilling on what they had already so for them to still be winning races is really impressive and we’ve got a huge amount of work to do.

“Not only in downforce and car performance but also operations, just to be a little bit more perfect. Qualifying is really good but race we can do a little bit better maybe,” Hamilton concluded.

Disqualification from the United States Grand Prix has put a dent in Hamilton’s chances to beat Sergio Perez for runner up position in the 2023 F1 Drivers’ Standings.