Red Mist: Ferrari reasons to be cheerful?


Year on year, Ferrari’s Formula 1 results may be slightly better. But how they’re happening may be very good news for the Tifosi

Red Mist has been still on Ferrari for a few months. Thought it better not to just keep piling the pressure on the team as had become the norm.

The 2023 season was finished already with the late abdication of Binotto from his reign of terror. So rather give Fred and his men the space to rebuild. Still there’s not much to say, but the little there is, seems good.


Rebuild Ferrari has. Take a look a year back and the team was suffering under idiot management and kindergarten strategy calls as they threw away the chances of the best Formula 1 Ferrari for a good few years and amongst the finest young driver line-up on the grid. The car was great, the drivers good. The team… let’s just leave it there.

Roll on a season and the SF-23 isn’t exactly the best-ever Ferrari racecar. Recalcitrant and secretive’ it’s making the team struggle to squeeze the best out of it. Yet the results are better over the first few races since F1 came back from its 2023 holidays. A pair of poles and a race win too. If anything Carlos Sainz has been on top of things on the driver front.

Yes, last year’s results at this time were almost as good, with a trio of poles and a good few podiums. But that was with a car that should have won and indeed challenged for the championship. This year it has been on pole and won a race when many believed it would not get near.

Is the team is doing a better job with worse equipment? Now take all that into consideration, especially the Binotto casino and things are starting to look a lot better for Ferrari. Vasseur has slowly and strongly built a far better team up around him. No, it’s not been perfect but compare this year to last and there’s not much to finger from management side. Last year it was a disgrace.

The new Scuderia Ferrari has lost all the ingredients that seem make the team sour. Replaced with fresh skills. There’s a certain spring in that Ferrari step. And that bodes well for the future. Forza Ferrari!

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