cleaning a black car

Black Car Paint: How to Take Care of It?

cleaning a black car

Black is one of the most popular car colours on the market today. While this colour adds a touch of elegance to a vehicle, it also highlights any imperfections on the surface.

This includes greasy spots, swirls, and holograms that are less visible on cars of other colours. If you are having trouble keeping your black car clean, this article is for you.


Although automatic car washes are quite popular among car owners, they are not recommended for vehicles regardless of the colour of their paint. Over time, the rotating brushes can weaken the top layer of the car’s paint, causing damage. In addition, the brushes of contactless car washes tend to accumulate abrasive dust and dirt that can scratch the paint.

For these reasons, a manual wash may be a better alternative. Use a touchless car wash with a special car shampoo and water.

Pre-cleaning prepares your vehicle for the application of products for black car paint protection but it can also be done as a part of your regular maintenance routine.


The previous method is not sufficient to remove more stubborn impurities. Some of them are easy to spot, for example, bird faeces, road film, or dried insects. However, some of the less visible contaminants may still be present even when the car appears clean. These include resin, asphalt, mineral deposits, and residue from other vehicles’ exhaust systems.

To remove such stains, you need a stronger cleaning agent that is still gentle on the paint. Micro Liquid Compound from Japanese manufacturer Soft99 – works much like a manually applied polishing paste. You can choose the version of this product particularly designed for black vehicles and effectively remove swirls, holograms, and localised scratches.

You may also need more specialised products for different cleaning purposes. For example, to degrease your car, use Soft 99 Silicone Off. Stubborn asphalt stains are better removed with New Pitch Cleaner. A wide range of stains from bird faeces, dust, water, and resin can be treated with a special Stain Cleaner.

If you want to perform more advanced cleaning, you can opt for Detailing Clay Treatment or use Smooth Egg Clay Bar or the more abrasive Surface Smoother for deeper-seated stains.

Protection for black car paint

Regular removal of contaminants is essential to protect car paint, but for maximum effect, you need to apply an additional protective layer. You can choose between traditional waxes and more advanced quartz coatings, which provide more long-term protection and offer exceptional visual effects. Yet, the second option requires more time and dedication, as well as special environmental conditions to create a lasting bond between the coating and the paint.


On black vehicles, even the smallest traces of dirt or water stains are visible, which the maintenance of black cars more demanding. At the same time, automatic car washes can further deteriorate the appearance of your vehicle due to their destructive effect.

Regularly perform a manual car wash and clean stubborn stains as soon as they appear with dedicated products, while protective measures such as ceramic coatings and waxes will help you to preserve the effect for longer.