HAMILTON f1 contract mercedes photo wolff

Hamilton remaining with Mercedes means he is positive 

HAMILTON f1 contract mercedes photo wolff

Mercedes is tied with Formula 1 racing since their history together starts somewhere around 1930. With plenty of ups and downs, the German manufacturer provided numerous improvements, bringing the F1 legend Michael Schumacher line-up.

Now, after creating spectacular memories for over a decade, Lewis Hamilton extended his deal with them for another two years

After the two-year contract, one of the most successful F1 Grand Prix drivers in history wants to continue with Mercedes. However, the latest struggles of his team make viewers believe this might be the last time Hamilton will prove to be the excellent driver he is.

Despite two unfulfilling seasons, he remains faithful to the Mercedes cause.

What happened to the F1 2023 season?

The beginning of this year’s F1 season was pretty tough, considering Mattia Binotto’s exclusion from the principal team and bringing Frederic Vasseur from Alfa Romeo in charge, which seems to have been a mistake. Although he is a respectable figure in the F1 sector, Vasseur’s team isn’t that reliable anymore, putting Ferrari in an inferior position. In 2022, many drivers retired from the races, making the group less competitive.

The problems with Ferrari’s vehicles continued when Leclerc withdrew from a race when it was found that his car had issues with the control electronic unit, although this system was changed before the beginning of the race. At the same time, the racer was hit with a penalty in Saudi Arabia.

Ferrari’s problem with its strategy seems to go over the entire season

Despite the lack of reliability from drivers and leaders in the Ferrari team, Hamilton says he’s optimistic about his choice. He praises James Allison, ex-executive technical director for McLaren, for his commitment to the team and Ferrari’s winning. The driver has told Allison that he’s “stern,” and although he’s never shown a soft side, the engineer communicated with Hamilton extensively, and they’ve reached the same page quite fast and got on terms quickly.

Hamilton’s behaviour never changed

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Hamilton is known for being respectable, well-mannered, and always recognising his mistakes. Although he had some issues with Fernando Alonso last year, he admitted it was his fault for hitting the other driver.

Hamilton said that Fernando was in his blind spot when the accident happened, so he couldn’t see him. Luckily, no one was injured, although Hamilton had to retire immediately after the impact because the shock wouldn’t allow him to continue the race properly.

If the accident would’ve hit Alonso too, he could’ve filed for compensation, according to, since it’s known that the lack of safety concerns in Formula 1 has led to numerous injuries.

FIA and the struggle to protect F1 racers

An incident from a few years ago brought considerable attention to the way the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) handles motoring organisations and, therefore, races because plenty of accidents led to the unfortunate death of famous racers.

Anthoine Hubert is one of them, and his friend, George Russell, made an effort to gather multiple authorities in the F1 in order to make a change. In Anthonie’s case, it seems like the section of the track he made, although pretty steep, wasn’t adequately heightened.

At the same time, there were safety concerns before the Belgian Grand Prix regarding that part of the road. However, authorities ignored them, resulting in a T-bone collision that was catastrophic for the driver as life-changing injuries altered his condition in a deadly manner after only one hour of the accident.

However, there are many other issues with F1 this season

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F1 seems like the kind of industry that just exists with no other challenges or further problems. Still, the truth is that many interests and lack of regulation trigger accidents and injuries. For example, the Red Bull domination, which is expected to end somewhere around 2026, seems to

be the biggest issue as only one Ferrari and Mercedes have made their way into the competition.

Although experts say that regulations might be the reason for Red Bull’s influence, it’s not something that can be stopped or simply eliminated for other drivers and teams to overtake. The problem is that there’s not enough performance variation between drivers.

There’s also a concerning issue about the vehicles’ tyres that are prone to overheating, especially when following other cars. It’s normal for tyres to overheat, but up to a point, after which the danger of bursting into flames might increase if the race gets competitive. Experts are giving their all to minimise the consequences of such an occurrence, but there’s nothing they can do to eliminate the risk entirely.

Finally, DRS zones are being shortened, especially in Baku and Miami, which isn’t seen as beneficial by drivers, as they consider this decision to be the reason for flatness in the Grand Prix Azerbaijan. Most of them want the previous DRS to be kept in the same condition as last year because shortening them would only make it more challenging to follow, so the drivers would have to push more and more, increasing risks.

The leading team of the F1 racing stated that different vehicles behave in specific ways considering the potency of the DRS effect, which is why they’ve adjusted it. If the new improvement helps or hinders someone’s racing is not a matter of how the DRS are changed, but instead in concordance with how vehicles are performing. This makes the race more competitive.

How will the 2023 F1 season end?

The final race of F1 this season is supposed to end around November in Abu Dhabi, where the results of this year’s efforts will be resumed. This is why Hamilton believed that Mercedes still had a chance of winning, despite facing difficulties, because there is a long way until the end.