Verstappen: I had to be patient today to get the win

Verstappen: I had to be patient today to get the win

Verstappen: I had to be patient today to get the win

Max Verstappen etched another Formula 1 record on Sunday winning the 2023 Italian Grand Prix, his tenth win in a row this season, but he win he had to be patient to achieve.

From the start of the Italian race at Monza, it was clear that Carlos Sainz was going to fight with all his strength to try and keep Verstappen behind, and at the start, the top speed of his SF-23 helped him keep the Dutchman at bay for some time.

But then, the SF-23’s chronic weakness – tyre degradation – meant Sainz was struggling with his rear tyres, as his hard defending against the #1 RB19 meant he used them up quite fast, which meant Verstappen could finally make the pass.

But despite pushing hard to overtake the Spaniard, Verstappen was very patient, knowing he had the car under him and enough laps to take his tenth consecutive win of 2023, his patience being a virtue he has developed, and which he missed in his early F1 career.

“I had to be patient today to get the win,” Verstappen said after the race in Red Bull‘s post race press release on Sunday.

Ferrari’s top speed meant a mistake by Sainz was required to pass

“Ferrari had a lot of top speed all weekend and I think when you look at our rear wing we had to trim down our top flap, so our DRS the whole weekend wasn’t as effective as normal. That meant we could never have a good run down into turn one, so I had to be patient and force Carlos into a mistake,” he explained.

“At one point, when his tyres were wearing a little, we tried to make him brake late, he locked up a little bit and I thought, “perfect” and was able to pass him on the exit to turn two. From there it was about managing things and bringing the car home safely,” he added.

As for the new record he broke at Monza, bettering the achievement of retired quadruple F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel with Red Bull in 2013, he commented: “10 wins in a row is a record I am very happy about

“It is something you don’t even think about trying to achieve because it is very unlikely that those kinds of things happen.

“I am very proud it has happened and proud of what the Team has done again today, the whole year has been pretty incredible so far. And, of course, a one-two today as well, here in Monza, is special for us all,” the reigning F1 Champion concluded.

Verstappen now leads the 2023 F1 Drivers’ Championship from teammate Sergio Perez by 145 points.