Ferrari: We are not in nowhere land

Ferrari: We are not in nowhere land

Ferrari: We are not in nowhere land

Ferrari, who head under pressure into their home race at Monza this weekend, insist they are not lost in “nowhere” land, according to their Head of Chassis Enrico Cardile.

Much has been written and said about Ferrari in 2023 and 2022 before that as the fabled Italian team remains in the doldrums, failing to achieve any Formula 1 Title success since 2008, when they last won the Constructors’ Title.

In 2022, Ferrari started off the new era of technical regulations strongly, but that soon turned out to be a false dawn, as they fell prey to reliability, drivers’ errors, and bad strategy calls, with former boss Mattia Binotto falling on his sword as a result.


But sadly, 2023 was no better, as their SF-23 seemed to be a nasty piece of kit from the kick off, while driver errors have remained as both Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are having to overdrive to keep up with the competition, the former more so.

But Ferrari’s Head of Chassis Enrico Cardile insists the Scuderia are not lost, as they know what went wrong with their 2023 single seater and are already working on a fix for 2024.

“We think that our main weakness is on the aero characteristics of the car,” he told the media. “So all the focus since T1 [Bahrain pre-season test] when it has been pretty clear that we were not at the level we expected to be, the weakness was coming from there.

“All the focus, all the efforts has been since T1 on improving the aero characteristics of the car,” he admitted.

The 2024 car will not be an evolution

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As for next year’s challenger, Cardile revealed: “It will be very different, because developing this year’s car we realised that some architectural choices we did were not right. It was constraining the development too much,” said Cardile.

“From there next year’s car will not be an evolution of this year’s car like this year’s car has been compared to last year’s car, but it will be a brand new car – different chassis with different design, different rear end to allow our aero [department] to better develop the car to achieve their targets,” he explained.

“For us, it is crystal clear what we did wrong with the car,” the Ferrari engineer went on. “Which are the weaknesses is clear. It’s not a matter of understanding what we should do. Now, for the future, it’s a matter of delivering a good product which will cope with the targets we have.

“So, we are not in nowhere land,” Cardile insisted in conclusion.

Following a disappointing Dutch Grand Prix last weekend – where Sainz finished fifth and Leclerc retired with car damage following an early contact with McLaren’s Oscar Piastri, not to mention a pit stop mess – Ferrari head into this weekend’s home race with the pressure of their Tifosi weighing hard on them. Can they deliver?

Emotions on the side, focus on execution

Ferrari: We are not in nowhere land

Previewing Monza, Ferrari boss Fred Vasseur said: “We have been waiting quite a while to go racing here in Monza, our only home Grand Prix this year, following the cancellation of Imola back in May and now the time has come.

“For the entire team, taking to the track in front of our “tifosi” is an incentive to put our heart and soul into our work. We are keen to repay our fans for their support through thick and thin and we plan to put on a great show and deliver a race to be proud of. This is my first Italian Grand Prix since I joined the Scuderia and so personally, that makes it even more exciting,” he explained.

“To achieve our goals however, we will have to put emotion to one side and focus on executing the weekend to the best of our ability, from the first lap of free practice to the last one in the race,” Vasseur insisted. “We saw in Belgium, that on some types of track, the SF-23 is competitive.

“We will have to do everything to perfection. Charles and Carlos are two of the best drivers in the world and we owe it to them to give them the means to express their talent.

“Behind the Red Bulls, the gaps are very close and the slightest detail can make the difference. We will be giving it our best shot!” the Frenchman concluded.