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Leclerc: Talk of issues with Sainz blown out of proportion

Leclerc: Talk of issues with Sainz blown out of proportion

Leclerc: Talk of issues with Sainz blown out of proportion

Charles Leclerc dismissed any tensions with Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz, insisting all the reports regarding issues between the pair have been blown out of proportion.

There has been plenty of talk so far in the 2023 Formula 1 season claiming that all was not going well between Leclerc and Sainz at Ferrari, the former clearly the chosen one by the Scuderia to deliver their next Title, while Sainz is being treated as a number two, something the Spanish media have not been happy about, while rumours are circulating the Spaniard may not continue with Ferrari beyond his current contract, with a reported pre-contract agreement signed between him and Audi who are entering F1 with their own works team in 2026.

There have been several on track moments between Leclerc and Sainz this year that have helped fuel speculations regarding issues between them.

In Austria, Sainz asked the team to allow him past Leclerc as he felt he was faster, a request that was duly denied, while in Hungary, the Red pit wall refused to let the #55 Ferrari starting on faster Soft tyres and a different strategy pass the #16 which essentially compromised Sainz’s race.

At Silverstone, the two had an on track “misunderstanding” during qualifying with each driver sending out a radio message showing he’s not happy with his teammate.

The Ferrari teammates are simply competitive

However, Leclerc, speaking in an interview with, has played down all the talks of a rift between him and his teammate, he said: “I am quite active on social media, so I see what’s been said all around.

“It’s blown out of proportion, I think, with Carlos. We have a great relationship,” he added. “Outside the car, we know how to work together, and we get on really well together because we share lots of interests.

“At the same time, there’s a lot of competitiveness in between us two. But we are in Formula 1, and I love the sport because there’s competitiveness. I think it’s great to have that,” the Monegasque maintained.

Of the heated radio communication, Leclerc clarified: “Sometimes there’s a bit of discussion over the radio on some situations.

“But it is just because we are competitive, and we both want to do the absolute best result possible. These are things that are normal.

“I think it also comes with being a Ferrari driver and being under the spotlight, probably more often than others. But that’s fine.

“In the end, within the team, we know that we have a good relationship and we are working towards the same goals,” the five-time grand prix winner concluded.

Both Leclerc’s and Sainz’s contracts with Ferrari expire at the end of the 2024 F1 season.