Horner: McLaren borrowing Red Bull philosophy flattering

Horner: McLaren borrowing Red Bull philosophy flattering

Horner: McLaren borrowing Red Bull philosophy flattering

McLaren were the second-fastest Formula 1 team at the 2023 British Grand Prix, after borrowing Red Bull’s philosophy with their latest upgraded, something Christian Horner sees as flattering.

Max Verstappen won the race at Silverstone last Sunday from pole, but the gap to second-placed Lando Norris was under four seconds, the Dutchman insisting it was not a straightforward race.

Norris even jumped Verstappen at the start of the race, the latter regaining his position after a few laps, and had to work a bit harder to pull out a gap to the #4 McLaren.

“They had a great pace today,” Christian Horner said of McLaren. “Lando had a good start. Then it was about settling into the race. Max was able to stay within the DRS to pass Lando. Then it was tough to break that DRS. Once he’s done that, he was able to build the lead of 9 secs just before the Safety Car.”

Asked why Verstappen had a bad start, Horner said: “I don’t know, I have to speak to Max. Historically here second place here gets a better start. Lando and Piastri had a flyer. It was a question to make sure we stay cool and Max was able to make the pass a few laps later.

Normal to be copied when you’re doing well

McLaren have upgraded their MCL60 at the Austrian Grand Prix, and brought further upgrades to Silverstone, with their concept visually following Red Bull’s.

“Similar concept” the Red Bull boss said of the McLaren. “I was looking at the car on the grid. You can see the philosophy they borrowed is very similar. It is flattering.”

There has been recent talks of the FIA and Formula 1 intervening to stop Red Bull’s utter dominance, and at Silverstone, Horner was asked whether regulations should prevent teams from copying them.

“It is not my job,” he responded. “My job is to win. The one thing we know from the sport is that things will converge. You can see it starting to happen.

“Stability of regulations will bring most of the teams much closer together. You can see it has started to happen. It is not going to be another 7 years of domination,” the Briton insisted. “The power units are pretty similar much more, the power units are converging. The chassis are evolving much more quicker now”

And whether he was concerned teams are copying Red Bull, Horner said: “Why not when your car is performing well like ours. It is fairly logical that it is emulated.

(Reporting by Agnes Carlier)