Alonso: We need to be very pragmatic

Alonso: We need to be very pragmatic

Alonso: We need to be very pragmatic

Fernando Alonso had an underwhelming 2023 British Grand Prix, but refused to sound the alarm after finishing seventh in the race at Silverstone last Sunday.

The weekend that started with Aston Martin announcing that their new campus just across the road from the Silverstone track was now open, but that was were the good news ended for the team.

Both Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll struggled with the AMR23s qualifying ninth and 12th respectively, the Spaniard gaining two place in the race the Canadian – having a messy race – 14th.

That comes on a weekend where McLaren took a major leap above Aston Martin, Mercedes, and Ferrari, the Woking team the actual stars of Formula 1‘s British weekend.

Speaking to the media after the race, Alonso reflected: “We weren’t fast enough in any session on the weekend, so it was not different in the race.

“We struggled a little bit with the pace, but yeah we maximised the strategy, we tried to stretch the stint on the Medium [tyre] at the beginning, and then there was a Safety Car, we chose the Soft [tyre] because it was just short run at the end.

“I think it was a good strategy and yeah, thanks to all those calls I think we took seventh place that maybe a little bit higher than the pace that we had,” he pointed out.

Aston Martin are out-developed by rivals

Asked about the reasons of Aston Martin’s decline, after starting the season in an impressive manner, second fastest behind Red Bull, Alonso said: “A little bit of everything.

“Out developed [by other teams] a little bit in terms of few teams brought some significant upgrades lately, he added. “Track specific; I think here was not our best layout for the package that we have. We need to see also the tyres, obviously the first race that we have this new construction.

“So things that maybe we need to analyze more in detail but, all in all, I think we saved a very difficult weekend. Hopefully in Hungary we are competitive again,” he maintained.

Aston Martin have upgraded planned for the next three race, asked if he was eager to have them as soon as possible, Alonso said: “Not really. To be honest I’m not to stress about the development.

“You know, the car is better than expected this year,” he pointed out. “We are fighting for things that we could probably never dream at the beginning of the year. So now if we can keep in the top 10 and fighting with the top guys it’s great.

“But we have to focus as well on the long term picture. We cannot get stressed every weekend if we are seventh or if we are fourth or if we are in the podium. We need to be very pragmatic and very relaxed about our performance.

Alonso is not panicking

Quizzed of being pragmatic means accepting being at the bottom of the top ten; the double F1 Champion responded: “If someone else is faster than us we cannot do anything.

“We just need to understand, we need to learn from the things we do and being away happy of the position we are in, you know, not being happy with P7, while last year they [Aston Martin] were dead last here.

“Lando was P6 here in Silverstone last year. Latifi was P10 here last year. So let’s see in Abu Dhabi. But two races ago in Canada we were fighting for the win, so it’s not that the first races we were in the podium and then we step back.

“You know, three weeks ago we were fighting in Canada for the win, so I’m relaxed,” the 41-year-old concluded.

(Reporting by Agnes Carlier)