Norris: Visibility in F1 A 'Serious Danger' Now

Norris: Visibility a serious danger now

Norris: Visibility in F1 A 'Serious Danger' Now
McLaren’s Lando Norris has raised his concern on visibility issues in Formula 1 and motor racing, and how necessary steps need to be taken to prevent yet another tragedy, in light of another tragic death involving young Formula Regional driver Dilano van’t Hoff in Spa last Saturday.

The incident involving Dilano van’t Hoff was similar to that of Anthoine Hubert’s in 2019, where both cars where hit by that of another oncoming driver, being unable to see nor react to the incident ahead. This leaves an unanswered question, of what can be done to prevent any further tragedies.

Norris recently spoke on the incident, stating that the sheer lack of visibility due to spray is a major concern that the sport as a whole must unite to solve.

Norris said: “Between so many things that are done for safety, I think this one is one of the next biggest topics, I would say, that needs to be changed.

“When you’re not in the car, you don’t realise how bad it is. You can’t see from here to the wall, you can’t see anything.

“So, if there’s a car stopped here, you have no chance to react,” Norris continued, “and that can happen in Spa, that could have happened here (Austria). If someone went off up through turn two, you don’t see them until it’s too late.

“I think it is a good thing that we’re doing the test in Silverstone because you may as well close your eyes half the time going through turn two.

“It’s almost a better thing to close your eyes because you have to wish for the best sometimes,” the McLaren driver concluded.

Norris is one of many drivers to state their concerns on the visibility matter, with more and more tragic deaths occurring in the sport as a whole, something that could possibly be corrected and avoided going forward.

There is only a question of how it can be done, as the nature of motor racing will always involve a huge risk factor, for the safety of any driver involved.