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Ecclestone blames Steiner for Schumacher failure at Haas

Ecclestone blames Steiner for Schumacher failure at Haas steiner schumacher haas

Former Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone echoed what many believe, Haas team boss Guenther Steiner disgracefully destroyed Mick Schumacher’s reputation in the top flight.

Desperate to stay alive Steiner’s F1 project (it’s not a Gene Haas dream but rather one Guenther had and sold on to the American petrolhead) ill-advisedly opted for two rookies – Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin to spearhead their 2021 campaign. Underfunded, an appalling car that sent Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen packing because it was so tough to drive, the two rookies were terrible.

Another unguided season for Mick, with Magnussen back, was worse for the Gereman son of legend Michael Schumacher. He crashed often and Steiner was never shy to load him with the blame.


It ended badly as history shows, but Schumacher did find a believer in Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss signing him as the reserve to Lewis hamilton and George Russell, which means testing time for Schumacher junior, which he conducted recently with Pirelli, and impressed his new employers during his time in the cockpit.

The rebuilding of Mick’s F1 career is underway, starting from scratch to forget those useless years with Steiner at Haas. With Audi on the grid in 2026, a strong lobby in Germany is underway to get Schumi III into the Andreas Seidl-led team.

Ecclestone speaking to SPORT1 summed up the Mick-saga: “An unsuccessful team boss has ensured that Mick’s career in Formula 1 is over for the time being. What can you make of the statements from a man who only became a superstar in the paddock thanks to his rude language in a Hollywood-directed documentary aimed at the US market?”

Tost: Mick is better than his reputation suggests

Ecclestone blames Steiner for Schumacher failure at Haas Wolff: Schumacher can become a good racer in a safe environment

Damning words from the former F1 dictator of Steiner’s questionable skills as a team principal referencing, of course, the Netflix Drive to Survive series that has seen the sport boom in popularity, Stateside particularly. Clearly, in this era, class and quality do not have the star power of crudeness and mediocrity

Regarding Schumacher, Ecclestone and Wolff are not alone in rating the 24-year-old highly. Driver development maestro Franz Tost (he groomed Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen for racing) also believes.

Tost said: “Mick is better than his reputation suggests. He has won the two most important junior classes, which alone entitles him to drive in Formula 1. I pointed out that in today’s complex Formula 1 without test drives, even the greatest talents need at least three years to reach their potential.

“But it was decided at the highest level not to take him. One reason was that he was still a member of the Ferrari junior squad at the time,” explained Tost, whose bosses at Red Bull did not entertain Schumacher as he was first lavishly courted by Ferrari, who are also partners in crime regarding the destruction of Mick’s career, as were the German’s minders and family who thought Haas was a good idea.

After all, there was the much more suitable Afla Romeo team for his F1 induction to happen had Ferrari been thinking about the welfare of little Schumi’s career from the get-go.

Red Bull have closed the door on Schumacher becoming part of their future plans as he is now a Mercedes driver, nevertheless, Tost added: “I can only hope for him that Mick can come back as a regular driver. Because I’m convinced he has what it takes to be a very good Formula 1 driver. And that has nothing to do with the magic of his name.”