Jeremy Clarkson delivers 1000 beers to Alpine

Jeremy Clarkson delivers 1000 beers to Alpine

Jeremy Clarkson delivers 1000 beers to Alpine
Alpine received a special delivery from Jeremy Clarkson on Monday in he form of a 1,000 beers following Esteban Ocons’s podium in the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix.

Clarkson, a television personality and celebrity farmer, fulfilled a promise to the Alpine Formula 1 team on Monday by turning up at the factory on a Lamborghini tractor laden with 1,000 beers.

Former Top Gear presenter Clarkson, whose farming documentary series is a hit on Amazon, promised on Twitter to buy everyone a pint of his locally produced beer if Esteban Ocon finished on the podium at last month’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The tweet had reached 5.5 million views by Monday.

The Frenchman finished third and was at the Enstone factory as Clarkson literally delivered on his word from the back of a trailer.

Alpine have been under pressure to deliver a proper result this season, with CEO Laurent Rossi demanding an improvement or there would be consequences, and the Monaco podium came at the right time just after Rossi’s comments.

“Some say he wouldn’t deliver on his Tweet to buy 1,000 beers. And that he wouldn’t turn up on his tractor. All we know is, he’s called @JeremyClarkson,” Alpine said on social media, alluding to one of the Briton’s Top Gear catchphrases.

“Never drink and tweet, because I’ve really done myself over here,” Clarkson told the team staff. (Reporting by Alan Baldwin, Additional reporting by GrandPrix247 )