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After Las Vegas where next for Formula 1?

With the introduction of the Las Vegas Grand Prix set for November, could we see more  races in the United States to added to the Formula 1 World Championship calendar?

With the addition of the Las Vegas Grand Prix to the Formula 1 calendar, American race fans now have three races they can experience. The race in Sin City has been added with a slot in November, which follows races that are held in Miami, Florida, and Austin, Texas, earlier in the year.

It will give Americans across the country the opportunity to enjoy motorsport, and with it heading to the neon lights of the world’s gambling capital, there may be even more who decide to wager on the sport.


Sports betting has grown significantly in recent years since it was legalized in the US, with residents in most states are now able to place a wager on their favorite sporting events, teams, and stars. This has allowed them to enhance their passion for the games that are played, and the sports that followed. With F1 providing numerous opportunities, there is every chance Las Vegas could help to build the industry’s popularity further.

The excitement built for the race in Nevada has naturally created other questions about F1’s potential in the US, with one being asked whether we could see more US races added to the calendar.

Why we may not see more Formula 1 races added to the calendar

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - NOVEMBER 05: Fans view a Red Bull car at the fan fest during the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 launch party on November 05, 2022 on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan - Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images)

It is possible to argue that with three races already on the calendar, it would be difficult to see another US race be added in its current form. The F1 season already has numerous Grand Prix throughout the year, which can make it hard from a scheduling point of view.

Additionally, the number of races that are being competed in has come under fire and caused criticism from teams and drivers in the past. While they are all for helping sport to grow and be as big as it can, they argue that more races make things difficult. It can put a strain on their health, as they will need to be physically and mentally in the zone more often than not while travelling around the world can be taxing on their bodies.

There are numerous tracks not being used by Formula 1 in various countries around the world that would also be better suited to appearing on the calendar than another US track. If the sport wants to be able to build its viewership further and obtain more of a global appeal, then it would be better suited to going to countries or regions that are not raced in too often or never at all.

Why we may see more than three Grand Preix races in the States

Las Vegas confirmed as Formula 1 race venue in 2023

Of course, we could still see additional USA GPs added to the F1 calendar in the future, although they do not have to all be raced in the same year. For instance, while we have three on the schedule now, the sport could look to add newer tracks and alternate between the ones that they already use.

With the US being extremely vast in size and locations with huge populations that are untouched – perhaps California or New York – then there are opportunities that the organization could consider. This would allow the sport to reach more people, which could enhance its appeal, thus bringing in more revenue.

Verdict? With money and global enhancement being among the priorities of the sport – as well as the product – if Las Vegas proves to be financially viable, there is every chance another US race can be added to the Grand Prix calendar in years to come.