Horner: Very rude to look up people’s skirts

Christian Horner joked about Red Bull’s RB19’s floor being photographed following Sergio Perez’s Monaco Qualifying crash, saying it’s rude to look up people’s skirts.

Sergio Perez gave Red Bull rivals a chance to unlock the secrets of the team’s Adrian Newey penned RB19, another dominant car from the Formula 1 design guru, following his crash in Qualifying in Monaco as the track marshals hoisted the stricken #11 car in the air by crane giving the whole world a clear look at its floor and Venturi tunnels.

Asked about the incident, Red Bull boss Christian Horner joked, quoted by “It’s very rude to look up people’s skirts really.

“Pictures of floors get taken in and around the paddock,” he added, on a more serious note. “They arrive in vans, they work with the cars and the shutters are up and so on, and each team will be employing spy photographers to get pictures of the cars when they’re in parts and pieces. That’s common practice.

Not the first time the RB19 floor is photographed

“So I wouldn’t have thought it was the first time a picture of the floor has been taken. It was probably the first time it has been suspended from a crane, but all teams are always striving for that intelligence,” Horner maintained.

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko, also speaking to, downplayed the incident insisting rivals won’t benefit from the revealed RB19 secrets.

“Of course we don’t like it,” he began. “The floor is very important, but if you don’t have the other parts and all the underlying concepts, then it’s not so easy. And the Mercedes car was even longer up in the air.

“But I think nobody was as interested in the Mercedes floor as people were in our car,” the Austrian quipped.

“It’s not only the floor. It has to work together with the front wing and the rear end. So it’s about all those things combined, and that is much more complex than just the floor,” Marko concluded.