Alonso: If opportunity to win comes, we won't miss that

Hill: Alonso can keep going in F1 beyond 45

Hill: Alonso Can Keep Going Past 45

1996 Formula 1 World Champion Damon Hill is another pundit who believes that Fernando Alonso could continue to race in the top flight beyond the age of 45.

The Englishman recently commented on the Aston Martin veteran’s current form and the prospect of driving for longer than most imagined.

Aston Martin have had a superb run of form as of late, mostly thanks to Alonso, and his incredible talent in a wildly quicker car than he has had for some time, and of course, wrenching the most out of it in comparison to his teammate, Lance Stroll.

With Aston enjoying a healthy haul of 102 points thus far  – 75 of those scored by a resurgent Fernando – and being second in the Constructors’ Championship, there is a question surrounding the Spanish driver, on whether he will drive for a lot longer than anticipated.

Recent comments from former F1 driver, Giancarlo Fisichella, have revealed his opinion on Alonso, as he stated that the Spaniard is getting quicker with age, an observation tough to argue against, as the man from Oviedo dazzles with a car that allows his true talents to shine through.

Joining the chorus this week, Sky F1 pundit Damon Hill stated that he also believes Alonso can drive for many more years to come, despite the Spanish driver being 41 as it is.

“I think he can go out on a high if he doesn’t win another title. I think he can go out and say, ‘listen, that was my potential, everyone knows what my potential was and it wasn’t realised, it wasn’t fulfilled,” Hill said.

The Englishman continued: “We should never…we’ve done this before, you sort of talk about him as if he’s about to retire. He might keep going until he’s way over 45.”

Hard to disagree, as Alonso has ‘aged’ well, with smiles all around, clearly enjoying his return to the limelight, which is seemingly down to the damn good time he’s having at Aston Martin right now. The 41-year-old Spaniard could well be racing into his late forties, should his desire and form remain.

This weekend Alonso will be in action at the Monaco Grand Prix, Round 6 of the 2023 F1 World Championship, in what will be his 362nd Grand Prix start.