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Aston Martin: Honda no impact on Mercedes road car deal

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Aston Martin’s Formula 1 engine partnership with Honda from 2026 will not affect ties to Mercedes on the road car side, according to the team’s CEO of performance technologies Martin Whitmarsh.

Mercedes-Benz has a roughly 9.7% stake in the British sportscar maker famed for its association with fictional secret agent James Bond.

The German carmaker is also currently the F1 team’s engine provider. The Silverstone-based Formula One team is separate from the road car company but owned by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll, whose Yew Tree consortium is Aston Martin Lagonda’s biggest shareholder.

“Aston Martin Lagonda is a public company, one of its shareholders is Mercedes-Benz and a significant proportion of its power units for the road cars comes from Mercedes-Benz. That is planned to continue,” Whitmarsh told reporters.

“We are purely focused on racing activities and we’ve chosen to partner Honda. We will be absolutely focused on winning in F1 with Honda and Aston Martin Lagonda will continue to develop its own strategy,” added Whitmarsh.

A vanity project to get Lance into F1 morphed into the Aston Martin of today

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History will show that what started out as a project to get his son Lance Stroll in to F1, through williams has turned into the immense Aston Martin operation, which is now no longer a vanity project to say his son is and F1 driver.

From Williams where he paid for Stroll to drive for one of the sport’s greatest teams but, at the time were nowhere. In 2018, the consortium led by Stroll played a pivotal role in the creation of the Racing Point F1 Team. The team emerged from the assets of the previous Force India team, which had fallen into administration.

Stroll’s consortium purchased the assets and rebranded the team as Racing Point. This move allowed him to provide a competitive platform for his son, Lance Stroll, to advance his F1 career.

In 2020, things got really serious, as Racing Point F1 Team announced that it would be rebranded as Aston Martin F1 Team for the 2021 season.

Stroll, being a significant shareholder in Aston Martin Lagonda, played a crucial role in this rebranding process. This decision marked the return of the iconic Aston Martin name to F1 after a long absence. (Reporting by Alan Baldwin; Additional Reporting GP247)