Michael+Schumacher+die aktuelle fake interview f1

Schumacher fake interview slammed as “disgusting, stupid”

Michael+Schumacher+die aktuelle fake interview f1

A fake interview, published by German gossip rag Die Aktuelle, has caused disgust and consternation as it misled readers to believe they had an exclusive with the reclusive (and reportedly crippled) Michael Schumacher.

The Formula 1 legend’s heart-breaking story has been well told. In a nutshell, he is under constant care and unable to make decisions, let alone conduct interviews, while not seen since that life-altering day – 29 December 2013 –  skiing in the French Alps, while on holiday with his family, he fell and banged his head. Hospitalised by the near-death experience, the 54-year-old, seven-time F1 World Champion, has not been seen since.

Nevertheless, each year since that terrible day, media have tried to find stories of the elusive Michael, living in the family mansion in Geneva. Seen daily only by a very tight inner circle, fiercely protected by his wife Corinna Schumacher, his children and his family network.

Schumi’s privacy is not negotiable and is largely respected by German and international media; this is a rare breaking of that ‘unwritten rule’ in such a slyly deceptive manner and undignified manner, simply for sales of their laughable magazine rag.

Make no mistake, an exclusive interview with Schumacher, the first since his accident – had it been real of course – would have been close to miraculous, ‘internet-breaking’ news, but instead it was clearly fake news from the moment the editorial team of Die Aktuell thought the ‘interview’ to be a good idea.

Shamelessly the publication trumpeted on its latest cover: “Michael Schumacher: the first interview” with a subhead informing readers: “It sounds deceptively real.”

Fake AI created Schumi quote: My life has changed completely

Of course, it was not real at all, fake news created by Artificial Intelligence that had the cheek to write, on behalf of Michael: “My life has changed completely” before going on to provide answers such as a return to public life in the future or an ‘update’ on his state of health is like.

At the end of the article, readers are met with the following footnote: “The interview was on the Internet. On a site that has to do with artificial intelligence or AI for short.”

Not long after, the blatant fake news post was derided by German media online portal ” Übermedien: “Too stupid to be true. This remarkable impertinence has nothing to do with journalism.”

A line echoed by editorials popping up in the country’s news and social media platforms.

News.de reported: “The first interview! The gossip sheet shocked with the Michael Schumacher headline, but when you read inside, disillusionment follows: Of course, this is not a real interview with Michael Schumacher, who died in an accident in 2013, but an AI interview. Means: The interview was conducted with artificial intelligence and not with the Formula 1 world champion. Hard to beat in terms of tastelessness!”

KSTA.de added: “Just disgusting. Magazine fakes interview with Michael Schumacher.

Austria’s German language Der Standard wrote in an editorial: “Created with AI and published by German Magazine – Die Aktuell – fakes an interview with Michael Schumacher, claiming a World Sensation and The First Interview, but it was created using artificial intelligence.”