fernando alonso

Alonso: To win seven F1 titles will be the aim ultimately

fernando alonso

Fernando Alonso’s renaissance as a front-runner in Formula 1, three podiums in three races with Aston Martin, has fans talking. And of course, the great Spaniard has a great deal to say including a peek into his ultimate ambition.

Since Alonso claimed his back-to-back F1 titles in 2005 and 2006, he has had “El Plan” to make it back to the top, which now is bearing fruit in what has to be the swansong of a long career for the 41-year-old, who sees no end in sight.

In an interview published on F1.com, Alonso was asked where “El Plan” goes now, he replied: “I would love to know the answer as well. When I started in Formula 1, my idea was to be [in it] for seven or eight years. Then I won the two championships and I thought I will race maybe one or two more years, then I’ll stop.

“Now I find myself with the longest career ever in Formula 1. I’m still fresh. I’m still motivated. I’m still enjoying every single day. I wake up in the morning and I’m happy with what I’m doing. There is a few more years, I think, for me. Hopefully, you know, with a title contender in the future.”

Credit to Alonso, a remarkable career indeed with more than a few chapters left should Aston continue their remarkable progress, from nowhere last year to real front-runners, second only to a dominant Red Bull,the World Champs and Max Verstappen on another level, well backed by Sergio Perez.

Fernando: We need to keep our feet on the ground

He last won a race when he triumphed famously in Barcelona in 2013, his 32nd victory in F1 but also his last, as win number 33 has proved to be an elusive milestone for his CV, but this year a win is certainly on the cards if the first trio of the season’s opening races are anything to go by.

But Alonso is cautious: “At the moment we have to keep our feet on the ground. The aim for the team is just to have a good season. They struggled a lot in 2022, so I think we have to, let’s say, walk before [we] run.

“I think this 2023 campaign is just about getting better, getting to know the car better, start a new project from day one, and that’s where we are at the moment. Hopefully, we have more podiums, hopefully, we fight for race wins, but I think to fight for the championship, we need to set the team a little bit before doing that.

“Obviously, you know the challenge is big, you know that you need to overcome some difficulties, some top teams that are now on top of the sport, but I race every day and I train every day thinking that the third title is possible.”

Can he match the record seven F1 titles held by Lewis and Schumi?

Many believe that with the right choices and some luck, Alonso might have been a five or six-time F1 world champion, and while he accepts that it is an almost impossible challenge, matching or beating the record seven F1 titles held by his two foes – Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton – that is his ultimate aim. In other words: Never say “Never” when it comes to the Spanish ace.

“I think when you race for many years, obviously you start breaking records, but I think the only thing that matters is to win and to break the record of championships. At the moment that’s probably unreachable, because seven of Michael and seven of Hamilton are out of, you know, the possibility, but that will be the aim ultimately,” added Alonso.

He will line-up for his 360th Grand Prix start when the 2023 F1 season resumes with Round 4 in Baku, where podium finish #102 beckons for Alonso, and even that nigh-impossible F1 victory #33 could happen should fortune favour him during the weekend in Azerbaijan. And then five more titles!