Hamilton: Whether or not we have a difficult year, I’ll still be here

Hamilton: Whether or not we have a difficult year, I’ll still be here

Hamilton: Whether or not we have a difficult year, I’ll still be here

Lewis Hamilton insisted he will not be bailing on Mercedes any time soon, insisting that regardless of the 2023 the team will have, he’ll still be here.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes seem to be looking at another disappointing Formula 1 season in 2023, as the team’s new car for this campaign, the W14, seems to be still carrying the DNA of its woeful predecessor the “bouncy” W13, as the team stubbornly stuck to their radical slim sidepod design they debuted in 2022.

Hamilton endured a disappointing 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix where he qualified seventh and finished fifth on a day where Max Verstappen was flying solo up front while Fernando Alonso, in the Mercedes-powered Aston Martin, finished third.

The seven-time F1 Champion didn’t hold back after Bahrain, revealing Mercedes did not listen to his feedback on the car, asking for accountability which, given the fact that his contract runs out at the end of his season, doesn’t bode well for the team trying to keep him on board beyond 2023.


However, Hamilton seems to haves eased off lately, maybe his temper cooling down since Bahrain, and recently insisted he’s still committed to Mercedes as the current troubles of the team won’t play a factor in his decision to continue with them or not.

Rumours that are never helpful

When asked if he’s yet to put pen to paper on a new agreement with Mercedes due to performances factors; Hamilton told F1’s Official Website: “It’s ultimately people creating rumours without facts. It’s never helpful.

“I have been [supported by] Mercedes since I was 13. Having the difficult year we had last year, [I’m] still here, and whether or not we have a difficult year this year, I’ll still be here,” he insisted.

“I’m a fighter and we fight as a team. I love the challenge of finding solutions and I still believe I’m able to put the car in places that perhaps others are not able to – and I love that challenge.

“Of course, I wish that we [could] start the season with a great car, but it’s the journey that really counts,” the Briton mused.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff earlier said that Hamilton’s contract was one of the tasks to be handled over the winter break, but then said after Bahrain that the priority was to sort out the W14.

“There is no hold up with our contract. I’ve always been very, very relaxed. I don’t feel like I have to get it done right this second,” Hamilton responded when asked for an update on his new contract.

“I’m in a very fortunate position. It will get done when we’re ready. I have a great relationship with Toto and Mercedes, and we fully support each other.

“I’m really excited for the future together, and I’m really proud of the work that we’re doing on and off the track,” the winner of a record 103 grands prix added.

“We’ll get there, unless some catastrophic thing happens with me and Toto – [like] we get into the ring!” he quipped.