f1 livery broomstick

Harry Potter-style flying broomsticks decked in F1 liveries

f1 livery broomstick

With the 2023 Formula 1 season officially underway, wouldn’t it be cool to see how some of the most reputed teams could potentially create a broomstick?

The automotive experts at Hippo Leasing have designed F1 broomsticks for four of the main teams: Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren. Take a look at the 2023 F1 cars redesigned as brooms.

Here, are Harry Potter-style ‘lying broomsticks’ imagined in F1 style from some of the top teams on the grid.

Red Bull

Leading the line in pole position we have the Red Bull broomstick. This broomstick’s styling includes the iconic F1 airtake that sits above the driver, as well as Red Bull’s front wing and a pair of real wings to refer to Red Bull’s slogan of “it gives you wings”.


Next up we have the black and stealthy-looking Mercedes-Benz broomstick. It features the classic black colour, which the team has switched back to this year, making this the perfect broomstick for the darker wizards and witches.

The broom also features the iconic F1 “halo”, which protects the drivers if the car would roll over on track, converted in to the broomstick as almost like a set of handlebars.


Following closely behind is the McLaren broomstick with the either love it or hate it orange and blue livery.

The broomstick comes fitted with the McLaren spoiler, halo, and front wing, all to give this broomstick the ultimate handling responsiveness.


And last but by no means least, we have the rocket red Ferrari broomstick, which almost looks as good as the gorgeous F1 car the Italian manufacturer has put on the track this year.

This broomstick comes with the iconic styling of a Ferrari with a nod to the prancing horse, adding in a horse tail-like brush at the rear and added stirrups to help the riding witch or wizard corner like a real Ferrari driver.