Tech Draft: A look back at 2022 Formula 1 with an eye on 2023

Inside the highly competitive world of Formula 1

Tech Draft: A look back at 2022 Formula 1 with an eye on 2023

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat: Inside the Competitive World of Formula 1, for 70 years a sport that excites everyone from kids to the elderly gather, women and men to watch and to cheer for their favorite drivers.

Over time betting on Formula 1 races and racers themselves has become a sport itself. Many punters get on platforms like BetSafe to make their predictions and to watch the race at the same time.

At the moment BetSafe is one of the biggest platforms you can bet on Formula 1. With every year more and more people want to try their luck and in a way support their favorites.

Having such a lavish history and always bringing something new every year, it is no wonder why punters have started to bet on the sport. Just like any other sport the odds are good and the prizes are amazing.

Stakes at BetSafe are going to the roof. You can bet just $10 on who will win the race and win a whopping $6000, and that is the minimum amount that you can take home. With time the market is getting even more competitive and the stakes can go even higher.

Formula 1 has always been a very competitive sport and you can say it is similar to watching the Superbowl or the FIFA.  Looking at how the bets are going at BetSafe this year bettors have put their hope into Logan Sargeant, who is an American race driver and it just at the age of 22.

Many players from around the world will gather this year in 16 different countries, and people are buying tickets and clearing schedules so they can watch it, no matter if it going to be live or from their homes.

Getting Grand Prix tickets is a challenge as demand is high

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Tickets for the races that are happening for example in Monaco in May are already sold out, and there is no way you can find tickets for the ones that are sooner. The tickets can start from $100 and go up to $3000 for a three-day ticket.

Formula 1 has a very rich history, from its first race back in 1946 till nowadays, the race has brought a legacy to many racers and countries. Right from the start Formula 1 was created to be the biggest single racer grand prix that there is.

But back then going into the race has its dangerous side, many players have lost their lives racing, and many are not sure if they will be able to finish the race once they get into the car.

Nowadays, cars have evolved and so far we haven’t heard of any accidents, companies have made sure to make the sport as safe as possible so that players and fans can enjoy the sport without worry.

Ferrari for example, is one of Formula 1 oldest car producer. The idea of Ferrari to start making cars for formula 1 was to finance its efforts. And we can see that it has paid very well for Ferrari.

Over the years many things have changed in the sport. Starting with its popularity that in the beginning was only held in Turin, expanding into numerous countries that make sure to make a one of a kind grand prix. Formula 1 has also grown from a technical point of view.

The technology that is used nowadays to make the cars is evolving all the time, and companies are trying to make the cars faster and safer.  The competition is also growing with every year, we can see that new faces are being added to race all the time, and each and everyone of them is as competitive and eager to win just like the big names in the industry.