de vries sargeant pisatri f1 2023 rookies

New Faces Racing in F1 2023

de vries sargeant pisatri f1 2023 rookies

Everyone is excited about the new season of Formula 1, a few fresh faces would join the fray alongside renowned names like Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. With the competition at an all-time high and records broken every season, drivers are still trying to prove themselves the next Nikki Lauda or Michael Schumacher.

The way F1 is going, it’s increasingly challenging for new drivers to prove their mettle. As the regulations for 2023 tighten, the cars become less flexible, from reduced electronic driver aids to increased minimum ground clearance. So, any fresh blood on the tarmac has its work cut out for them.

Even with all that adversity, a few names have already taken control of the steering wheel and are ready to prove they belong there. Here are the new faces racing in F1 2023 who might prove to be the future of the sport within the next few years.

Logan Sargeant

At the young age of 22, Logan Sargeant is the first American to enter a professional F1 competition since 2015. He has been striving to prove his place at the podium since he got a driver’s license. If his performance at Formula 3 and Formula 2 is anything to go by, Sargeant seems like a dedicated driver who fills his off-hours with substantial practice for the track. Crowned Rookie of the Year in F2 2022, he shall be racing with Williams alongside Alex Albon.

Sure, the difference in competition is high, which is why he has undergone more than a year’s training at William’s Driver Academy. While his test results may never be known publicly, you can bet he will put on a good show this season. So far, only a few interviews have surfaced. He always talks of being thankful for the opportunity and giving it his best whenever he sits in the cockpit. Also, it seems that he has the skills to surprise F1 fans.

Oscar Piastri

Daniel Ricciardo left quite sizable shoes to fill once he announced that he would no longer run for the 2023 season. Still, as one Australian left Team McLaren, another one is pining to take his place. Oscar Piastri has a lot riding on his shoulders, even as the 21-year-old is barely old enough to take control of a mean racing machine.

While he was let go from Alpine, where he was a viable replacement for Alonso, Oscar understood that he needed a new team to grow to his full potential. As such, McLaren has assigned him the same car number as Ricciardo and teased a blistering performance on the track.

Nyck De Vries

Hailing from the Netherlands, the 28-year-old hotshot has been waiting to prove his worth and live his dream at a grand championship. Although he is the oldest on the new drafts list, this Dutchman has some profound experience to draw from. He won the international go-karting championship in 2017, the Formula 2 championship in 2019, and the Formula E championship in 2021.

He is no stranger to the victory lap and may yet add a Formula 1 trophy to his case in his debut season. Unlike other freshers on the track, he rarely speaks to the media and has been reported to clock in late hours at the practice sessions. AlphaTauri is undoubtedly confident in making him a full-time driver. One of the team managers told the media that they expect him to clear the top three in qualifying and focus on gaining as many points as possible during the season.

Watch the Full F1 2023 Season

Formula 1 is entertaining motorsport to follow, so most viewers try to stream it from the comfort of their homes. However, that also allows malicious individuals to track your data or hack into your systems. Seeing how widespread cybercrime has become, here are a few tips to help you watch the 2023 F1 season securely.

Trust a Reliable Broadcasting Source

Several websites lure viewers by claiming to cover the racing event, even though they only want to gain access to user data. Thus, it helps to go with only certified broadcasters that F1 makes known on their official website each year. They have live streams on all platforms in the language of your choice.

Use a VPN

You should always retain your privacy when watching anything online. Therefore, use a Virtual Private Network to encrypt traffic and hide IP addresses. It will be essential to watch F1 on unknown networks. Furthermore, it can help unblock F1 streams on restrictive networks. Therefore, you can enjoy the action regardless of where you are.

Check All Links from Advertisers

With the introduction of the internet, it’s up to the users to verify the authenticity of each advertiser. Not every link is genuine; a few may even constitute a phishing attack to trick unsuspecting people into giving up their personal info. Therefore, it’s best to use a link checker before opening it on your browser to avoid any suspicious packets from infecting your system.

Short Summary

It will be a tire-blazing summer with the ferocity of the old and new drivers duking it out on various F1 tracks from around the world. The new faces racing in F1 2023 might offer plenty of excitement. Just make sure to use the appropriate means if you plan on watching the events unfold online.