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Editor’s Desk: It’s time Red Bull spice up their livery

red bull rb19 f1 launch

You would never expect a Ferrari Formula 1 car that’s not Red, rivals Mercedes have decided to go back to Black with their W14, while Red Bull have stuck to their aging livery philosophy.

This may not be the most serious problem that faces the sport these days, but F1 car liveries have always been a major aspect for me as a fan as long as I’ve watched F1, and that’s quite long.

The new F1 cars that were introduced in 2022 are something to behold, and while I haven’t seen one in the flesh yet, my brother was lucky enough to stumble over one at an auto show, and he admitted that they look even more beautiful in the wild.

And a major factor in an F1 car’s looks is the livery, naturally and in a survey F1’s official website conducted on social media, the Mercedes W14 won the vote of fans, the Ferrari F1-23 coming second, while Alfa Romeo’s C43 took third place.


While I believe the Aston Martin AMR23 should’ve ended up in the top three most beautiful liveries, one cannot fault the fans’ choice. These are three handsome F1 cars they chose.

Kudos to Mercedes

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And to be honest, I feel Mercedes deserved the top spot as their black livery was a bold decision for the team whose cars have been famously known as the Silver Arrows.

Of course, they did use black before when they were supporting the “Black Lives Matter” movement, but this time the decision was based on other factors, mainly the weight reduction requirement.

We all know the story of the Silver Arrows that goes back to 1935, when Mercedes had to strip the white paint off their W25 because it was overweight, and then they raced it with its bare aluminum body, hence the Silver Arrows nickname was born.

What’s nice about the W14, is that Mercedes resorted to the same tactics to reduce its weight, stripping off some paint to expose the black carbon fiber bodywork that makes up F1 cars these days, ending up with the “Black Arrows”, and boy do they look good.

So Mercedes changed the color, a bold move, but they stuck to their history while doing so.

Now Ferrari have always been Red, and can’t go wrong with that color, although some of the shades of Red the Scuderia have used recently were questionable, the SF-21 from 2021 springs to mind here, but in general the Prancing Horses have always been good looking.

This brings me to Red Bull. Every year I wait to see if they are going to come up with a new livery, but that has not been the case. Other than shifting to matte in 2016, Red Bull have always been mainly blue with some red and yellow.

Come on Red Bull, get creative!

If you look at Red Bull’s livery tribute to Honda on their RB16B at the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix (photo above), you know for sure that they do not lack in the creative department.

Yet they insist on running with this dull blue livery with red and yellow inserts year in year out, and while that might be an efficient way of hiding all Adrian Newey’s design secrets, I am confident there are other liveries that could serve the same purpose while looking good as well.

I got this inspiration for this piece after GrandPrix247 Editor-in-Chief Paul Velasco’s Inside Line on the 2023 F1 launch season and the disappointment of the Red Bull New York launch.

On top of Paul’s issues with the Red Bull event, my issue was with the livery of the RB19 which looked virtually the same as that of the RB18.

And it’s not like Red Bull haven’t had some really special and amazing liveries over the course of the years, but they remained one-offs and never got the chance to race. The creativity is there, but why not use it.

Below are some special liveries Red Bull ran before and any of them beats the one used on the RB19 this year.

The Camobull – RB11 – 2015

Red Bull Racing said about the CamoBull: “Normally, the Team would have a car launch, but in 2015 we surprised everyone at winter testing in Jerez, Spain when we lifted up the garage doors to unveil the RB11 in its CamoBull or ‘dazzle’ paint scheme.

“It was inspired from car manufacturers when they’re road testing new, yet to be launched, cars. It helps hide the lines and definitive shape of the car, which also meant at winter testing our rivals couldn’t work out what we’d done to the car for the 2015 season. Obviously, we’d put a Red Bull spin on it to make it an instant classic.”

The Disruptobull – RB14 – 2018

Red Bull Racing commented on the Disruptobull: “This spectacular livery was run at Silverstone at the start of the 2018 season before the team headed off to Barcelona for the first pre-season test.

“The style was similar to a digital-effect camouflage in royal blue and black. It received so much attention across social media that there were calls to make this one-off livery the one we used for the entire season. We still love it so much, that we have one painted in this livery at the entrance of MK-7!”

Red Bull Chevrons – RB15 – 2019

This one is my personal favorite, and Red Bull said the following about it: “As with DisruptoBull the following year the Team’s filming day launched the RB15 with another one-off livery. Again, it collected a lot of love on social. This was also the first Red Bull Racing car to be powered by a Honda engine.

“The livery, which wasn’t given an official name, had a stunning dark blue matte finish with bright red chevrons over the car.”

Max Verstappen had this to say: “The car looks cool. The livery is very beautiful, even though it’s only for today.”

Wings For Life Faces – RB3 – 2007

This was one was for a great cause according to Red Bull Racing, the team said: “Wings For Life has had a long association with Red Bull Racing and has been the Team’s official charity for many years. Wings For Life is a spinal cord research foundation with the aim of finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

“And back in 2007 for the British Grand Prix, the Team and Wings For Life offered people the chance to have their face on the RB3. More than 30,000 photos were used on the RB3 including DC’s parents, Mark Webber’s pet donkeys, ex-England cricketer Freddie Flintoff and some ultrasound images of yet unborn F1 fans. The fundraiser collected more than a million dollars for the charity.”

In closing, it’s a shame that a team that produces such fast cars doesn’t go the extra mile by painting them with a nice color scheme worthy of their speed.

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