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Focus on great Australian racing drivers

Webber Ricciardo

Australian racing drivers have been almost mainstay of Formula 1 since the 1950s, more recently Mark Webber flew the flag, followed by Daniel Ricciardo and now Oscar Piastri; here’s a look at the country’s iconic racers of the past

F1 has a strong following in Australia, with thousands of fans tuning in to watch the races each year. The Australian Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated races on the F1 calendar and is held annually in Melbourne, attracting motorsport enthusiasts from all over the country.

Documenting the best Australian race drivers, F1 included, and their history is essential as it not only acknowledges the achievements of these talented individuals but also preserves their legacy for future generations.


Australian racers have made significant contributions to the sport at all levels, and their feats deserve recognition. By documenting their history, we can gain insight into their achievements, including race wins, podiums, and championships, as well as their impact on the F1 racing world and Australian motorsport.

Additionally, it can inspire and motivate upcoming Australian racers to pursue their dreams and achieve success in the sport.

Early History of F1 Racing in Australia

Jack Brabham Monaco 59

F1 racing has a long history in Australia, dating back to the 1950s. During this time, F1 races were held on makeshift tracks, such as the Albert Park and the Phillip Island circuits. Australian F1 racers of this era were pioneers of the sport, pushing the boundaries of what was possible and setting the standard for future generations.

Some of the early Australian F1 racers who made their mark on the sport include Jack Brabham, the first Australian to win the F1 world championship, doing it three times, and Tim Schenken, who never reached great heights in F1 but had numerous podium finishes and race wins in the 1970s in various series.

Other notable early Australian drivers include Paul Hawkins, Frank Gardner, and David Walker, among others.

Peter Brock: Australia’s favourite race driver

Peter Brock Over the Top: 1983 Bathurst victory leads to fallout with  brother Phil

Peter Brock, also known as “Peter Perfect,” is widely regarded as Australia’s most successful F1 racer. Brock started his F1 racing career in the 1970s and went on to achieve numerous wins, podiums, and championships. He also held the lap record for the Australian Grand Prix for many years.

Brock’s success in F1 racing made him a household name in Australia, and he became a fan favorite. His achievements were also significant in the context of the Australian motorsport industry. He played a crucial role in inspiring a new generation of Australian racers and helped raise the profile of Australian motorsport on the global stage.

In addition to his F1 racing success, Brock was also a prominent figure in Australian motorsport, winning the Bathurst 1000 endurance race nine times. He also had a successful career in touring car racing.

Other Notable Australian Drivers

Apart from Peter Brock, there are several other notable Australian F1 racers who have made a significant impact on the sport. Three of the most successful and well-known racers include the abovementioned Sir John Arthur Brabham as well as Alan Jones, Mark Webber, and Daniel Ricciardo.

Brabham was three times F1 World Champion, and started his own team that lasted into the early nineties.

Alan Jones won the F1 world championship in 1980, becoming the second Australian to achieve the feat after Peter Brock. Jones had a successful career in F1 racing, with 12 race wins, 24 podium finishes, and 13 pole positions.

Mark Webber had a successful F1 career spanning over a decade, with nine race wins, 42 podium finishes, and 13 pole positions. He finished third in the F1 world championship three times and was a strong contender throughout his career.

Daniel Ricciardo, who raced for McLaren, has seven F1 race wins, 31 podium finishes, and three pole positions. He is known for his aggressive driving style and his ability to overtake competitors in difficult situations.

Aussie for Aussie at McLaren as Ricciardo leaves and Piastri moves in

Piastri: Norris a very strong teammate to learn from

But Ricciardo was not deemed good enough for Zak Brown’s team and has been replaced by highly rated rookie Oscar Piastri, also and Aussie

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Each of these drivers left their mark on motorsport, and their achievements have helped elevate Australian motorsport to a global level, including betting, which gives this sport more drive. They have inspired younger generations of Australian racers to pursue their dreams and compete at the highest level of F1 racing.

Their impact on the sport is also felt in the context of Australian motorsport, where their success has helped raise the profile of the industry and inspire greater interest in F1 racing in Australia. Overall, documenting their achievements and impact is crucial to preserving their legacy and inspiring future generations of racers to pursue success in F1 racing.

Future of F1 Racing in Australia

2019 Australian Grand Prix Photo F1 Melbourne Formula 1 17-Mar-19 8-54-53 AM 17-Mar-19 9-08-17 AM

The current state of F1 racing in Australia is healthy, with the annual Australian Grand Prix attracting a global audience and showcasing the best of the sport. However, there are challenges to the future of F1 racing in Australia, including changes to the F1 calendar and rising costs.

Despite these challenges, there is still a bright future for Australian F1 racing. The success now hinges on Piastri, while Ricciardo waits for a return while doing duty as Red Bull reserve this year.

Piastri, who recently won the Formula 2 championship, demonstrates that Australian racers continue to make an impact on the sport.

Moving forward, these drivers can continue to contribute to the sport by inspiring younger generations of racers to pursue their dreams and compete at the highest level. They can also work to promote F1 racing in Australia, encourage greater interest and participation, and help secure the future of the sport in the country.

To sum it all up

Documenting and celebrating the achievements of drivers from Down Under is essential to preserving their legacy and inspiring future generations of racers to pursue success in the sport.

It is also important to support the sport in Australia and ensure that it continues to thrive for years to come. By doing so, we can ensure that racing in the country remains a vital and exciting part of the global motorsport community.