Red Mist: No-bullsh!t SF-23 launch a sign of things to come?

Red Mist: No-bullsh!t SF-23 launch a sign of things to come?

Red Mist: No-bullsh!t SF-23 launch a sign of things to come?
Ferrari revealed their 2023 Formula 1 car, the SF-23 in a ballsy
live launch at Fiorano which adds more hope and a breath of fresh air among sorry F1 releases.

Ferrari’s Valentine’s Day 2023 F1 launch was a breath of fresh air. Not only did the Italians show the rest of the world how to launch an F1 car, but the event continued to telegraph a growing new high spirit emanating from Maranello.

Firstly, our Scuderia Ferrari-2023. A clear evolution, we’ll leave it to the anoraks to better define the subtle aero and suspension tweaks anon.

Suffice to say that if last year’s car was sexy, this one is doubly so. A stunning new take on our red and carbon black livery is headlined by big, beautiful, classic Ferrari font in white across the rear wing to superbly set our SF-23 apart.


SF-23 is a clear evolution. Its dorsal red shark gills, larger wing mirrors mounted further outward, and other first sight detail, seems far finer at first sight.

There’s interesting debate coming on the floor, if it’s indeed what will soon test, and later race. Then Charles fired our virgin straight out on track, and he was right away on it for two splendid sighting laps.

Other teams take note, that’s how you launch an F1 car

What bounded out of SF-23 after, snatched the mic, and addressed the waiting world, was however the best of all. This is Charles Leclerc like we have never seen him before; confident, smiling, and even more excited than the spellbound kids he’d just waved at as he drifted it over the bridge. This is a very different Charles to the soft spoken kid we have come to know and love.

Carlos too, was chippa while he patiently waited to take SF-23 for his first three-lap-spin as the world broke away. The big take away, however, is that Ferrari is doing things different now.

The launch was perfect. No bullshit, no wings and mirrors; just the car, the drivers and the racetrack. Little things rivals seem to forget in so many soulless F1 reveals.

Sure, it was wonderfully choreographed, fully attended, and meticulously run. Like if “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” was shot live.

The car came out, blasted a couple of noisy laps in the perfect Maranello winter’s light. Charles bounced out and showed us a new man. And the Tifosi was rapt. Job done.

Now let’s get that job done in the races too. Every race, from the get-go. That should shut the critics up, for once and for all. Forza Ferrari!