Data Dudes: What engine maker has most race mileage in F1?

Another fascinating, out-of-the-box analysis by Data Dudes who have calculated the race mileage covered by every engine manufacturer to contest in Formula 1.

The most distance raced by engine suppliers. is toppedby a manufacturer that has not been in F1 for decades. One would expect longevity to play a significant role in the final result, but it’s not Ferrari on top!

Ford Cosworth holds the lead as in the late sixties, throughout the seventies and part of the eighties, there were often ten or more teams running the Coworth-built Ford-badged and financed engines.

Data Dudes say of their video: “The most notable milestones (no pun intended) are that Ford Cosworth holds the lead since 1973 and a record that stands since 2004 with 1.227.796 km which is roughly 3.19 times the distance to the moon, or worth of over 4,000 race distances.

“This in itself conjures a myriad of other stats we will analyze in the future, for example: Fernando Alonso has 356 Grand Prix starts to his name, more than BMW (270) had during their time in F1, and more than Alfa Romeo (214)!”

Although F1 records show that Ford-Cosworth tops the F1 mileage charts they are third on the wins list on 176 Grand Prix victories, behind Ferrari (243 wins) and Mercedes (212); in terms of F1 constructors’ titles, Ferrari-power lead the way with 16, ahead of Renault on 12 and Ford-Coworth on 10.

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