How to Use Statistics For Formula 1 Betting


The pinnacle of motorsports is Formula 1. Even during its moments of controversy like at the end of the 2021 season, or individual thrilling drives like the one posted in 2022 by George Russell to claim his first F1 victory, the sport never fails to deliver.

There’s much to explore in terms of strategies to use at F1 betting sites, from the major F1 Championship winner to individual race winners and pole positions. As with any sport, one of the key roads into Formula One betting is through statistical insights.

F1 Championship Odds

There will always be those most popular F1 betting markets that punters will gravitate towards. The biggest of all is the F1 Championship odds. Ahead of any season, you are at the very most, going to have a maximum of three teams that will have the ability to produce a world champion.

There will be a principal driver at each of those teams, think Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes or Max Verstappen at Red Bull. That narrows the field down. Unfortunately, the F1 betting sites are well aware of the state of play.

So you are not going to find any surprise value bets in the F1 Championship market. Even if a massive outsider won the very first race of the season, that’s not going to impact the overall odds for the long haul of an F1 season.

F1 Race Odds

Belgian Grand Prix: Top Three Press Conference

F1 Race Winner betting offers a little more for punters and this is a market that is well worth trying to comb through before race qualification. If you were to fancy Sergio Pérez to race his way to victory, then his odds of doing so may be more favourable ahead of grid positioning. If he’s pulled into the front of the grid after qualification, then his race-winning odds are going to be shorter than pre-qualifying.

Factors That Change the Game

Even if you have snapped up odds on Max Verstappen to win from a rare start at the front of the grid, it’s still a big gamble. You still don’t know what kind of strategy a team is going to run under in terms of tyres and pit stops.

The conditions of the track are going to have a massive bearing on F1 betting as well. If some rain sweeps in, then that can hand an advantage to drivers who thrive in wet conditions. Drivers can get taken out by others. Safety Cars can further influence an F1 race.

F1 Pre-season Testing Stats and Form

Bahrain F1 test 2022

F1 pre-season testing can be tricky. Teams can still be testing setups and may only be interested in one or two particular areas. Drivers are not going to be hammering out the fastest possible lap that they can every time they are on the track.

It may be that Ferrari, for example, wants to explore their options at minimum fuel to find their baseline for one-lap sprints. Williams could be playing with aerodynamics to gauge tyre reliability over race simulations.

Another important point about pre-season, usually in Barcelona, is that it’s just at the one track. What works there, is not going to give a clear picture of a car’s potential performance at very different venues from Monaco to the Canadian Grand Prix.

But there are some stats to pick out of F1 pre-season testing. You can often see when teams are pushing for their top performance run. The numbers will point those fast laps out. So there is a comparison in stats between drivers that could be taken from that.

Winning Streaks in F1

hamilton 2023 f1

Picking out winning streaks is a viable stat for F1 betting. You will find that different teams seem to tap into their strengths at certain points of the season. It could be the example of Mercedes coming on strong once the European swing of the season hits. There’s plenty of opportunity in F1 statistics to explore here.

Driver Records

This is one big area of F1 stats that punters should dip into. When you scour back through F1 results you will see that some drivers excel at certain tracks. Think about Lewis Hamilton’s brilliant records in Hungary and at the British Grand Prix.

F1 legend Michael Schumacher won the Canadian and French Grand Prix 7 and 8 times respectively. There’s a lot of information to be gathered from this horses-for-courses type of deal. Look at driver records at least for the last decade of a particular race, both in qualifying and race result.

Fastest Lap Bids

ZANDVOORT, NETHERLANDS - SEPTEMBER 03: Pole position qualifier Max Verstappen of the Netherlands and Oracle Red Bull Racing is presented with the Pirelli Pole Position Award by Rico Verhoeven in parc ferme during qualifying ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of The Netherlands at Circuit Zandvoort on September 03, 2022 in Zandvoort, Netherlands. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

A change was made to F1 in 2019 that the driver with the fastest lap in a race would earn a point for the Drivers’ Championship. That changed the racing picture and it’s something that can be studied for in-play race betting.

A driver starting in pole position may have slipped down to fourth with just four laps to go. A win is out of the question, but he has enough time to get in for a pit stop for some fresh tyres to have a blast at earning a point for the fastest lap.

The fastest laps are not always produced by those running at the front of the race. Drivers who have nothing to lose in terms of earning points in the race from a finishing position can target a late speed lap to earn themselves and their team a point.

Get Stats Sites

Find websites that will get you to the current season stats and longer trends from history. has some tremendous insights on their site, while has a wealth of stats to compare.

Bookmark sites like this so that you can reference them easily. It will allow you to drive through to some alternative markets as you look at performances from outside the main top six drivers.

Exploring alternative markets like a Top Six Finish, Team Bets, Pole Position and even Head To Heads brings new options onto the radar.