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alonso 2022 training f1 2023-001

Alonso in Rambo mode during F1 off season

alonso 2022 training f1 2023-001

Fernando Alonso would be forgiven a couple of weeks’ rest during the Formula 1 off-season after a grueling year, but not so for the 41-year-old Spaniard who has been in Rambo-style training according to posts on his social media accounts.

Next year Alonso joins Aston Martin, his surprise move triggered a slew of driver changes up and down the grid, and for his next chapter, he clearly means business if his training regime is anything to go by.

While his younger rivals embrace well-earned R&R ahead of a mammoth 2023 for F1, Alonso is pictured in an Instagram story training hard, showing incredible neck muscles, and with a striking resemblance to Rambo aka Rocky aka Sylvester Stallone

Hi holiday season has been action-packed, apart from the training he has posted images of himself karting, playing indoor soccer and, reportedly, running and cycling daily too.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) claims one of the posts, showing a close-up of gym equipment and then him working out his muscles with heavy-duty elastic bands, emphasising his neck muscles. And of course the uncanny resemblance to Sly and the hard-man roles he immortalised.

What is in store for Fernando at Team Stroll?

Fernando Alonso ficha por Aston Martin y seguirá en F1!

Alonso’s move to Aston Martin is much anticipated, unfortunately not for the success it might bring, but rather to wait and see how the sport’s elder statesman with the loosest tongue will adapt to the Lawrence Stroll-owned team.

On-track, Lance Stroll versus Fernando will also be intriguing, the rich kid not shy to punt his teammates off. How Alonso adapts and handles Team Stroll remains to be seen.

Be sure, little Stroll is in for a big wake-up call should Alonso be given equal kit and opportunity, and will have a better measure than retiring Sebastian Vettel and the likes of Sergio Perez, who partnered Lance in recent years.

If the Canadian needs any warning that he is in for his biggest challenge in F1, he need only follow his new teammate on social media to realise that the double F1 World Champ is not leaving a stone unturned, starting with his fitness – Alonso’s 2023 F1 season has already started and it’s still 2022!