Hamilton: A ghost was in the car

Hamilton: A ghost was in the car

Hamilton: A ghost was in the car

Lewis Hamilton reflected on his 2022 Formula 1 season with the precarious Mercedes W13, claiming the car was so unpredictable as if it was haunted by a ghost.

The Mercedes W13 was far from being the best offering we’ve got accustomed to seeing exiting the Brackley factory since 2014, the year that marked the start of Mercedes’ dominance of F1.

Mercedes mastered the Turbo-hybrid era regulations and won everything for seven years, while in 2021 they kept their stranglehold on the Constructors’ Championship, while the Drivers’ went to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

With everyone expecting Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton to come back with all guns blazing in 2022 for a rematch with Red Bull and Verstappen, the ugly truth was that they showed up with a bunt knife in the form of their 2022 Silver Arrow, the W13, woefully slow and savagely bouncy, which meant payback to Red Bull and their Dutchman had to wait.


Seven-time F1 Champion Hamilton, looked back on his 2022 season with the W13, and told the story of how Mercedes tried but failed to exorcise the evilness out of the 2022 Silver Arrow.

“The first big step was Barcelona, that was our first hint of there being more potential in the car,” Hamilton said, referring to Mercedes Spanish upgrade package. “It turned out to be a bit of a false positive; the car was good there but then the races afterwards were difficult.

As if the car was haunted

“It was like a ghost was in the car, and it kept coming back,” he added. “But then there was France, and that felt like a good step with our first double podium of the season. And then there was Austin, too, with the update we had working well.”

Hamilton failed to win a race in an F1 season for the first time in his illustrious 16-year F1 career, but is satisfied by the fact that Mercedes managed to improve towards the end of the season with George Russell even clinching his first ever F1 win at the 2022 Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

“It’s been impressive, for sure. I always knew that we could do it,” the Briton said. “I never doubted that we would get there in the end, but there was lots of trial and error, and so much failure this year.

“There were times we brought upgrades and they didn’t work, and times we tried different things and it didn’t work. I tried so many things and failed so many times but through that you learn and grow,” he explained.

“That’s what it’s been about this year. It’s been about failure, breaking down egos, strengthening our relationships, and strengthening our communications.

“From that perspective it’s been really empowering,” the winner of a record 103 grands prix maintained.

Hamilton finished the 2022 season sixth in the Drivers’ Standings, behind teammate Russell who was fourth.