Formula 1 Betting: All things beginners need to know

f1 sponsorship grid aerial Formula 1 Betting: All the things that beginners need to know

Year-on-year statistics illustrate that Formula 1 betting is on a crazy upward trend, recording tremendous growth and skyrocketing popularity

The biggest F1 betting markets for the moment are UK, Brazil, Germany and Spain, while the highest growth is being formally recognized to be taking place in Germany.

German betting sites have been witnessing unprecedented interest on the part of punters for Formula 1 betting markets and have been focusing, therefore, on presenting their customers with a rich, interesting and attractive list of bets for the sport.

If you want to learn how Formula 1 betting works, then you are in the right place and all you need to do is read the following guide for beginners.

Types of Formula 1 bets:

Punting on Formula 1 can give you a wide range of options regarding what to wager on. You can bet on events like who will be the winner of the race or who will have the fastest lap time in a race or on everything that can be the object of prediction during or before a Grand Prix.

Let’s take a look a the most common types of Formula 1 bets:

Outright winner: You predict who will be the end winner of an entire race and you wager on this F1 driver to win the Grand Prix.

While, typically, there are some very strong favorites, it won’t be a total surprise if there is an upset – in fact we have seen staggering upsets happening in races, just as the victory of Pastor Maldonado in the Spanish Grand Prix in 2012.

Of course these don’t happen too often, but they are what spices things up in F1 betting!

Podium finish: You can also bet on a driver getting on the podium – that is coming first, second or third in the race. It does not matter whether the driver will be the outright winner. What matters is for him to finish amongst the first three and come at the top three positions.

Fastest lap: Another thing you can predict is the driver who will set the fastest lap time in the race. This is a very interesting bet and it generally accumulates many bets both by Formula 1 professional bettors and more amateur bettors or beginners.

Pole position: Online bookmakers often provide betting options for the pole position. Too often the qualifying laps are equally fun and exciting as the actual races and the fact that they determine who will have an advantage in the race, is on its own an interesting thing to bet on.

So, you get to wager on the driver who will start the race from the front of the grid.

Prop bets: The prop bets are actually different propositions on events during a race, which however may have nothing to do with the winner of the race or the general outcome.

You may bet on so many different things regarding the race or the drivers. In fact the list can be endless.

You can wager on the country which the winner comes from, on whether a driver will finish in the points (10 points), on the manufacturer that will win, on whether there will be a safety car coming out in the race, on the driver that will first retire from the race or even on whether there will be a retirement or not.

Prop bets are making Formula 1 bets more fun and a lot more engaging, particularly as they involve bettors taking a good ‘read’ of the races, the drivers, the cars and literally everything that is attached and linked to the race.

The next step to bet on F1 races

Once you have understood the basic types of Formula 1 bets, you are ready to go about placing wagers on what you choose to make predictions for.

But be careful, it is important that you do your research, read about drivers and their records and past performances, previous races’ outcomes and all the stats that you can find and then make up your mind on what you will wager on! And remember to always bet responsibly, for fun and within your means.