Miami-Race-Start-2022 brown says f1 is on fire

F1 Betting: Advice and Strategies

Miami-Race-Start-2022 brown says f1 is on fire

Formula 1 is the most popular motorsport of all time, which dates all the way back to the 1920s but didn’t become official until 1950.

Well over half a century later, F1 is still on top – and more people are placing bets on the races than ever before.

Whether you’re a Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz, or Lewis Hamilton fan, you probably dedicate hours of your life to watching F1 races.

The average length of an F1 race is 90 to 100 minutes. This is a long amount of time, especially when you consider that most F1 races typically only get exciting in the second half of the race.

One of the best ways to add some entertainment to your F1 experience is simple: start placing bets. This is a fun and harmless way to enjoy yourself while also testing your F1 knowledge. As anyone will tell you, the most satisfying feeling on earth is when one of your bets is a success, whether it’s a ‘podium finish’ or a ‘to-win’ bet.

With that said, let’s dive into some advice and strategies that will help to take your F1 betting game to the next level.

Take Advantage of F1 Stats to help your F1 Betting

When you’re doing F1 betting, you can place smarter bets by looking at F1 stats and looking for bets with good odds in Forumla 1.

There are tons of variables that you can take into account, from a driver’s record on a particular track to how they perform in certain weather conditions. Of course, one of the biggest factors to consider is the number of Grand Prix wins that a driver has. In the modern age, it’s Lewis Hamilton, which is why he’s seen by many as one of the ‘safest bets’ around. In other words, you can bet on him to finish on the podium with very little stress, as he has a phenomenal record.

There are plenty of F1 websites and apps that you can check out to see all the important stats you need. The Formula 1® app (that you can download from the app store) is extremely reliable and comes with all the latest news, results, timings, and in-depth stats.

The more you learn, the smarter your bets will be!

Watch the Qualifying Sessions

Another good piece of advice is to watch and analyze the qualifying sessions.

Often, qualifying sessions provide an insight into how a specific driver (or team) is going to perform when the real race starts. Obviously, you don’t want to look too far into this, but there can be small signs that are worth picking up on, such as when a driver doesn’t appear to have their handling skills up to scratch.

Check Who the Teammates Are

In F1 racing, each driver is part of a team and therefore teams up with another driver. Although drivers can’t switch places (and are generally more focused on themselves), they do have an important relationship that revolves around communicating track information, potentially drafting, and more. In a nutshell, what this means is that the stronger a driver’s teammate is, the more likely they are to succeed. This is why you should always take teammates into account rather than solely focusing on the driver themself!

Is F1 Betting Legal?

F1 betting is 100 percent legal. The only rule is that you must be above the legal gambling age to place bets. In most places, this is either 18 or 21. Make sure to check before placing any bets. And always gamble responsibly, within your means and for fun.